Call for Submission: Special Feature- Indian Graphic Novels

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Issue 110 (Jul-Aug 2023)
Curated by: Dr Sapna Dogra
Last date of Submission: 20 August 2023

Indian graphic novels are becoming an integral part of the canon of Indian
Writing in English (IWE). Ever since the publication of River of Stories (1994) by Orijit Sen, graphic novels in India have come a long way. The more recent graphic novelists like Amruta Patil, Sarnath Banerjee, Vishwajyoti Ghosh, Srividya Natrajan, S. Anand and Malik Sajad have been very engaging with the readers. As Pramod Nayar says in Indian Graphic
Novel: Nation, History and Critique (2016) that these graphic writings add “to the existing corpus of texts in Indian Writing in English a new representational mode that re-invigorates the canon, the form and the

Contributions are invited on topics such as the representation of the following in Indian graphic novels:

  • Life writing
  • Marginalization/the marginalized
  • Coloniality, and/or postcolonialism
  • Diaspora and community healing, formation, and memory
  • Ecocriticism/Ecofeminism
  • Representation of stereotypes
  • Caste/Class/Sexuality and Gender
  • Violence and Politics
  • Retelling of myths
  • Representation of Disability
  • pedagogical approaches to graphic novels
  • Social Impact and possible future of graphic novels
  • Indian graphic novels in international context
  • Diversity, representation, and intersectionality
  • Adaptation and appropriation of Indian graphic novels
  • Visual / Creative techniques in Indian graphic novels

Submission Guidelines

Articles (Max. 4000 words)
Author Interviews (Max. 3000 words)
Book Reviews (Max. 1000 words)
Review Articles (Max. 3000 words)
Excerpts from Graphic Novels
Contributions should include:
Full name
E-mail address
Institutional affiliation
Title of the paper/review/folktale/interview
200-word abstract (for articles)
Bio-note and Photograph of the author

The writings should be in English with a declaration that they are the contributor’s original, and exclusively for Muse India and not published anywhere else.

The deadline for contributions is 20 Aug 2023.
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