Calling for Innovations from Indian Innovators for HundrED Global Collection 2025

Share your work with us for the opportunity to be featured in our HundrED Global Collection, highlighting the 100 brightest education innovations from around the world. Innovation in education can be defined as meaningful improvements to a new or modified practice and/or technology that supports any part of the educational ecosystem. Innovations are new, contextualised, positive Improvements.

How is your innovation reviewed? 

We select innovations based on a standardised review process that includes external review from members of our HundrED Academy. We evaluate innovations based on two main criteria – impact and scalability. 

Impact: Evaluated as a valuable improvement within the innovation’s context. All innovations must have at-least 1-year of being implemented with its intended users. 

Scalability: Either the innovation is actively expanding to other contexts or has a high degree of transferability for others to adopt its practice/technology.

Who reviews your innovation? 

The HundrED Research Team reviews all innovations to compile a shortlist of innovations, after which our global, crowd-sourced Academy reviews the shortlisted innovations. Based on the Academy’s reviews, HundrED Research curates the final list of 100 most impactful and scalable innovations for the annual Global Collection.


  • Recognition: Featured in the HundrED Global Collection, showcasing the 100 brightest education innovations from around the world.
  • Visibility: Gain exposure and spotlight for your education innovation on a global platform.
  • Impact: Contribute to meaningful improvements in the educational ecosystem.
  • Scalability: Opportunity to showcase impactful and scalable solutions.
  • Networking: Connect with a global community of educators, innovators, and researchers.
  • Validation: Receive validation and feedback from the HundrED Academy, a global network of education experts.
  • Opportunity for Growth: Enhance the reach and adoption of your innovation through collaboration and sharing best practices.
  • Support: Access to resources and support from the HundrED team for further development and implementation.


  • Education innovations must be impactful and scalable solutions that have been implemented for at least one year.
  • Innovations should demonstrate meaningful improvements to any part of the educational ecosystem.
  • Innovations must be submitted through the application form by the specified deadline (May 1, 2024).
  • Applicants should be committed to enabling, enacting, and supporting innovations that make education more accessible, equitable, and excellent.
  • Interested parties can apply to become innovation reviewers at the HundrED Academy if not submitting an innovation.

Important Dates

  • Submission period closes: 1.5.2024
  • Academy application period closes: 15.5.2024
  • August – Academy reviews the shortlisted innovations
  • November – The Selection is announced at the HundrED innovation Summit!

Submission: Click Here to Submit

Official Link: Visit Here

About the Organization:

HundrED is a mission-driven organisation specialised in K-12 education innovation. We at HundrED are dedicated to helping every child flourish by giving them access to quality education. We believe that with education innovations we can transform school systems and equip students with the skills to thrive as global citizens. SR Aman Kumar is the Advisory Board Member of HundrED, representing India. The world is full of hardworking educators who are driving innovative, impactful, and scalable approaches in education. Our mission at HundrED is to give them the recognition and visibility they deserve. At Hundred we believe that through identifying, amplifying, and facilitating the implementation of education innovations we can transform education systems and equip students with the skills to thrive as global citizens.

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