CFP: Volume 3, Issue 1 of Journal of the History of Women Philosophers and Scientists

  • Submit your article for volume 3 issue 1 (themed issue) before March 31st 2024.

Thinking the World through Gender: Indian and South Asian Women Philosophers and Thinkers

Guest Editors: Dr Priyanka Jha: Banaras Hindu University, Uttar Pradesh, India and Dr Bindu K.C.: Dr. B. R. Ambedkar University Delhi, India

In what way do ideas shape our world? Or, as traditional Marxists would have it, does the world (“material reality” if you will) shape our ideas? Do ideas coming from marginalized locations of gender shape the world differently? Do political concepts like equality or justice have gendered intellectual histories? Along with these questions, one of the pertinent themes that gendered intellectual history of ideas foregrounds is that, when women thinkers and philosophers ideate, do they provide distinct and alternative visions of the normative?

This call for papers is for a special issue that locates and traces socio, political and philosophical thinking that non-western and post-colonial societies offer through its women thinkers and philosophers. In the larger pursuits of global gendered intellectual history of ideas, this volume contributes as a significant conversation partner from the non-western world on key concerns and ideas that shaped norms in the world of ideas as well as material worlds.

Some of the themes around which this issue shall be built are as follows:

  • Intellectual biographies of women thinkers from India and South Asia.
  • Reclaiming and inverting the canons and sources.
  • Methodological questions and concerns specific to the post-colonial world in undertaking intellectual history of ideas.
  • Conjectures of thinking, ideas, struggles and solidarities across women from the Global South and North.
  • Idea of agency and emancipation drawn from tropes of the political and philosophical in Indian and South Asian women’s thinking.
  • Post-colonial gendered intellectual history of ideas.

We will be happy to have papers that deal with any of the above written themes and frameworks. We will concentrate on papers that discuss gendered intellectual histories from India, especially from women thinkers of the colonial and postcolonial periods. (19th Century-20th Century).


Dr Priyanka Jha and Dr Bindu K.C.: Dr. B. R. Ambedkar University Delhi

For further questions, contact the editors-in-chief, Ruth Edith Hagengruber and Mary Ellen Waithe

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