Competition: Calling all Math Wizards & STEAM Geniuses

Organizer: MoE’s Institution’s Innovation Council, Ministry of Education (MoE’s), Government of India, Gulzar Group of Institutions, Ludhiana (C-10318)

  • Video: Show off your STEAM contraption in action, Explain its math magic & wow the judges
  • Scrap File: Share technical drawings, formulas, or inspiration behind your creation.
  • Submit by December 26th 2023
  • Eligibility: Open to all participants across India and the world.

Category 1. Video Guidelines

  • Theme: Create a video showcasing your STEAM contraption in action, highlighting its connection to math principles and explaining its functionalities.
  • Format:Length: Keep it engaging and concise! Aim for a video between 2-5 minutesQuality: Ensure clean audio and high-definition visuals. Editing: Feel free to add creative elements like music, graphics, or animations to enhance your presentation.
  • Content: Include the following aspects in your video:
  1. Introduction: Briefly introduce yourself or your team.
  2. Contraption Demonstration: Show your creation in action, highlighting its key features and functionalities. Math Connection: Explain the math principles and concepts behind your contraption. Make it clear and engaging!
  3. Additional Details (Optional): Share the materials used, construction process, challenges faced, and future plans for your creation.

Submission Platform: Send your video to

Category 2. Scrap File Submission Guidelines: 

This could include:

  • Technical drawings or schematics.
  • Explanations of specific math calculations or formulas used.
  • Resources used for research or inspiration.
  • Additional photos or diagrams.
  • Format: Accepted formats: PDF, DOCX, PPTX.

Submission: Send the scrap file at

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Judging and Awards:

  • A panel of esteemed judges will evaluate entries based on creativity, math connection, functionality, explanation, and presentation.

For Details: Visit Here

Event Coordinator: Ashish Kumar Bhateja 9417732687

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