Free Virtual 21 Day Master Class on AUTONOMOUS VEHICLE

Organizer: Pantech E Learning

The Objective of this Webinar Series is to facilitate the participants to get cognizance of the concepts dealt with for substantial utilization of the same into studying, teaching, Research work, and Upgrading.

  • When: 11.03.2024 – 31.03.2024
  • YouTube : Live
  • Time: 6.00 PM – 7.00 PM IST
  • Provide E Certificate

Topic of the Masterclass

  • Introduction to autonomous vehicle and system .
  • Sensors in automated vehicle(Camera ,Radar,Lidar).
  • Visulaize sensor coverage, detection and tracks.
  • How to model and simulate the output of an automotive vision sensor for different driving scenarios.
  • Get started with Ground truth Labeller app-Load ground  truth signals  to label using  matlab /Simulink.
  • Label ground truth for multiple signals-Ground truth label app matlab /Simulink.
  • Export and Explore ground truth label for multiple signals using matlab Simulink.
  • Multiple object tracking using matlab Simulink.
  • Creating driving scenario progromatically using matlab.
  • Scenario generation from recorded vehicle data using matlab.
  • Create Actors and vehicle Trajectories programmatically using Matlab /Simulink.
  • Create Actors and vehicle Trajectories using Driving desingner app using matlab.
  • Import Open street map Data in to Driving scenario.
  • Test open loop Adas algorithm using matlab.
  • Test closed loop adas using driving scenario app in matlab.
  • Simulate vehicle parking manuever in driving scenario app using matlab Simulink.
  • Adaptive Cruise control using matlab Simulink.
  • Blind spot detection using matlab Simulink.
  • Occupant protection and pedestrian protection system using matlab Simulink.
  • Traffic sign recognition system and speed limit assist using matlab Simulink.
  • Lane departure warning system and 360 degree view system in matlab Simulink.

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