International Model United Nations (IMUN) Hybrid Mode Conference: Registrations are Open

Organizer: International Model United Nations (IMUN)

About the Conference

  • Offline Conference: 9th November to 11th November, 2022 at Manila, Philippines.
  • Online conference: 13th August and 14th August, 2022
  • Registration Fee for Online Conference: RS 799/-
  • Online Mode: Zoom Conference

Benefit of the Conference

  1. Global exposure
  2. Building your Network at an international Level
  3. Travelling and visiting a new country
  4. Understanding the operations of United Nations
  5. Increasing your Confidence level
  6. Enhancing your communication skills
  7. Great networking and Bonding
  8. Valuable Certificates that are online friendly( can be posted on LinkedIN)
  9. Enhancing your Resume and is very helpful for college admissions and professional life.
  10. will receive a discount at the time of registration if you register through the below link only)

( Benefit 1,2,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 applies for Online Conference as well)

Register Here for the IMUN Online or Offline Conference

Once Registered: Fill this Google Form Here

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