Major Reforms in Accreditation of Higher Education Institution

The Executive Committee of NAAC (National Assessment and Accreditation Council) in its 104th meeting held today decided that :

  1. Binary accreditation will be implemented in the next four months and no new applications will be accepted as per the present methodology thereafter. Institutions that have already applied and are applying in the next four months shall have the option to either go by the present process or by the new methodology of binary accreditation.
  2. Maturity based Graded levels will be implemented by December 2024.

Binary Accreditation

๐๐ข๐ง๐š๐ซ๐ฒ ๐€๐œ๐œ๐ซ๐ž๐๐ข๐ญ๐š๐ญ๐ข๐จ๐ง (Either accredited or not accredited) rather than grades with an aim to encourage all the institutions to get on-boarded in the accreditation process thereby creating a quality culture in the higher education system.

Maturity Based Graded Accreditation

๐— ๐—ฎ๐˜๐˜‚๐—ฟ๐—ถ๐˜๐˜†-๐—•๐—ฎ๐˜€๐—ฒ๐—ฑ ๐—š๐—ฟ๐—ฎ๐—ฑ๐—ฒ๐—ฑ ๐—”๐—ฐ๐—ฐ๐—ฟ๐—ฒ๐—ฑ๐—ถ๐˜๐—ฎ๐˜๐—ถ๐—ผ๐—ป (Level 1 to 5) to encourage accredited Institutions to raise their bar, continuously improve, evolve in-depth or in-breadth in disciplines from โ€˜Level 1โ€™ to โ€˜Level 4โ€™ as Institutions of National Excellence, and then to โ€˜Level-5โ€™ i.e. Institutions of Global Excellence for Multi-Disciplinary Research and Education.

One Nation and One Data Platform

One Nation One Data Platform to ensure integrity and transparency in handing institutional data. The new platform shall capture superset of data from HEIs for the varied purposes (of approval, accreditation, ranking) with an in-built design for collateral cross-checking to check authenticity of data.

The system shall be based on Trust Data and Driven with minimal visits to an institution for verification; however, carrying heavy penalties on giving wrong submissions. In addition, there will be provision for customized ranking based on stakeholders such as industry, funding agencies, students etc.

Ministry of Education

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