National Seminar on Pluralism and Diversity in South Asian Literature

Organizer: PG and Research Department of English, St. Mary’s College (Autonomous), Thoothukudi, Tamil Nadu, India

About the Seminar

  • When: 11 October 2023
  • Call for Papers
  • Registration Fee :
    • Rs. 300/- for students
    • Rs. 500/- for Scholars & Faculty
  • Presentation :
    • Rs. 450/- for Students
    • Rs. 700/- for Faculty
  • All papers will be published as a book with ISBN.

Theme of the Seminar

South Asian Literature has a rich and diverse literary tradition that encompasses the literary works produced in the countries of South Asia which includes India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan, and the Maldives. South Asian countries have a long history of political turmoil and instability. Writers project the various forms of oppression and marginalization that existed in their regions along with their unique customs, traditions, and folklores.

South Asian Literature continues to be a source of inspiration, knowledge and diverse cultural exchange for people around the world. Studying South Asian Literature not only provides academic input but also widens a deeper understanding of a rich pluralistic cultural heritage with global significance. The seminar on Pluralism and Diversity in South Asian Literature offers a wide scope to analyse the history of South Asian nations, their socio-political, cultural and linguistic diversities, crosscultural ethos, and literary innovations alongside their global dimensions.

Thrust Areas for Paper Presentation

(Related to South Asian Literature)

  • Literature and Psychology
  • Partition Literature Contemporary Literature
  • Travel Literature
  • Hegemony and Diaspora
  • Mountain Literature
  • Comparative Literature
  • Translation Literature
  • Children’s Literature
  • Coming of Age Novels
  • Fantasy Fiction
  • Pandemic Literature
  • Cultural Studies
  • Race and Ethnic Studies

Guidelines for Submitting the Paper

Kindly follow MLA Hanbook 9th Edition for documentation.
Format :
Font : Times New Roman, Size : 12
Line Spacing : 1.5
No. of Words : 3000 words (excluding abstract and reference)
Abstract : Not exceeding 150 words with 5 key words
Papers must be free from plagiarism

Important Dates:

Registration Details

Account Details:
A/C No : M/s. Principal
St. Mary’s College (Autonomous) Thoothukudi
Bank : TamilNad Mercantile Bank
Account No : 001100140450022
IFSC : TMBL00 00 001

confirm your registration by sending the screenshot of the fee receipt to the given mail id:

Register Here


Dr. G. Baskaran, Professor & Dean, School of English & Foreign Languages, Gandhigram Rural Institute
Gandhigram, Dindigul
Topic : Cultural Pluralism and Postcolonial Indian Literature

Dr. S. Samuel Rufus, Associate Professor, PG & Research Department of English, Madras Christian College (Autonomous), Chennai
Topic : Locating Heterotemporal Sensibility and Textual Materiality in the Teaching Machine: A Critique

Dr. Raichal John, Assistant Professor of English, St. Joseph’s College (Autonomous), Devagiri, Kozhikode, Kerala
Topic : Reconstruction of Nation and Dialectics of Anthropocene in South Asian Literature

Contact Numbers :9894261113, 9790161194

Chief Patron: Rev. Sr. Dr. C. Shibana, Secretary

Patron: Rev. Sr. Dr. Jessie Fernando, Principal

Convenor: Dr. A. Judit Sheela Damayanthi, Head & Associate Professor of English

Organising Secretaries

Dr. N. Sumathi, Assistant Professor of English

Dr. D. Shunmugajothi,Assistant Professor of English


Dr. L. Jacqulaine Leo, Associate Professor of English, Dean, School of Language and Culture
Dr. T. Mary Manonmani, Associate Professor of English, Vice Principal
Dr. B. Serena Margaret, Associate Professor of English, IQAC Coordinator
Dr. A. Josephine Alangara Betsy, Assistant Professor of English, Research Coordinator
Dr. S. Sudha Rani, Assistant Professor of English
Dr. G. Sharon Roque Corera, Assistant Professor of English
Ms. M. Mangalaeswari, Assistant Professor of English
Dr. F. Mary Priya, Assistant Professor of English
Ms. X. Amala Steffi, Assistant Professor of English
Ms. V. Muthu Kalaivani, Assistant Professor of English
Ms. A. Patricia Romila, Assistant Professor of English
Ms. V. Dorothy Catherine, Assistant Professor of English
Dr. M. Hermina, Assistant Professor of English

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