Participate Now: National Case Study Competition- Building a Unicorn for Good

Organizer: MoE’s Institution’s Innovation Council, Ministry of Education (MoE’s), Government of India, Gulzar Group of Institutions, Ludhiana (C-10318)

  • Target Audience: Business students, aspiring entrepreneurs, young professionals, and current/aspiring social entrepreneurs
  • Track Selection , Team Formation & Report Submission Deadline: December 26th, 2023.
  • Winners Announcement: December 27th, 2023.

Theme: Building a Unicorn for Good: Sustainable Growth and Social Impact

Choose your track:

  • Unicorns: Prioritize high-growth and economic impact
  • Sunicorns: Prioritize social impact alongside sustainability

Competition Structure

  1. Case Study Selection: Choose from a curated list of real-world case studies featuring unicorns from various sectors with demonstrable social impact.
  2. Track Selection: Align your analysis with one of two tracks:
  • Unicron: Prioritize high-growth and economic impact.
  • Sunicorn: Prioritize social impact alongside sustainable business practices.
  1. Team Formation: Form teams of 3-5 individuals, each bringing diverse expertise and perspectives.
  2. Case Study Analysis Report: Submit a detailed report via email (see submission details below):

Executive Summary (1 page): Briefly introduce the case study, chosen track, and key findings.  In-depth Analysis (5-7 pages):

  • Identify key challenges and opportunities.
  • Analyze the company’s current social impact and economic performance.
  • Assess alignment between the company’s mission, impact, and chosen track.

Strategic Recommendations (3-5 pages):

  • Develop a comprehensive strategy aligned with your chosen track.
  • Address both economic and social impact objectives.
  • Include a clear implementation plan with timelines and resource allocation.

Conclusion (1 page): Summarize your analysis and recommendations, highlighting the potential of your strategy for the company and its stakeholders.

Shortlisting and Judging:

Top teams from each track will be shortlisted based on report quality and alignment with competition criteria. Judges will evaluate presentations based on depth of analysis, originality of strategy, feasibility, impact potential, and presentation skills. 


  • Overall Winners (Unicron & Sunicorn Tracks): Recognition as National Entrepreneurship Day Unicron/Sunicorn Entrepreneur of India, media exposure, and networking opportunities.
  • Track-Specific Prizes: Funding, incubation support, mentorship, and partnership opportunities aligned with the chosen track.

Competition Timeline:

  • Case Study Selection Opens: 18th December
  • Track Selection , Team Formation & Report Submission Deadline: December 26th, 2023.
  • Winners Announcement: December 27th, 2023.

Submission Details:

  • Email Address: [ ]
  • Subject Line Format: “[Team Name] – [Chosen Track] – National Case Study Competition”
  • File Format: PPT / Word / PDF
  • File Size Limit: 10 MB

Additional Information

For more information about the competition, visit the Innovation Council website: Visit here or email 

Event Coordinator: 

Ashish Kumar Bhateja 9417732687

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