Skill Workshop on Competency-Based Training For Performance Excellence

Organizer: Commonwealth Education Media Center for Asia (CEMCA), New Delhi

About the Workshop

Teaching and training competencies are more detailed than skills and take a teacher’s or trainer’s knowledge and abilities into account to determine whether the individual has the right attributes to succeed in their teaching and training roles. This one day skill workshop with pre- and post- workshop activities will offer the participants a process of building and deploying comprehensive competency architecture to support their teaching and training practices.
This workshop consists of intensive online sessions comprising of synchronous training and a series of asynchronous hands-on activities.
Each of the participants will be given an opportunity to develop their competency framework for performance excellence by remaining critical and reflective about their teaching and training practice.

  • When: 29th January 2022, 11 AM
  • Registration Fee: There is no registration fee, as this workshop is sponsored by CEMCA
  • E-certificate: A participation certificate will be provided.

PROGRAMME BENEFITS (No Fees will be charged)

šŽšš„š: The new perspectives on competency framework and review its key benefits and challenges.
š‹š„š€š‘š: About the competency framework to improve performance and provide clarity to the job requirement.
šˆšƒš„šš“šˆš…š˜: Your competencies for career planning and development.
šš”š‘š“š”š‘š„: Your own competencies and apply them at different levels of expertise and proficiency.
šš„š“š–šŽš‘šŠ: With the global teaching community and facilitators.
š„š€š‘š: Certificate duly signed by our Experts & CEMCA.
š’š€š•š„: Your hard earned money.

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Social Groups: All interested participants are requested to join the following Groups for further information:

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Google Classroom Code: bmykgis

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