The Education Alliance is Hiring: Open Positions, in Tamil Nadu and Madhya Pradesh

The Education Alliance (TEA) is a non-profit organization that warmly welcomes all those who share our passion for providing high-quality education to every child in India. Headquartered in Delhi, we are committed to promoting system reform projects that help to ensure that all children in India have equitable access to quality education.

We support state education departments by deploying highly qualified teams that work with state and non-state actors to co-create solutions to improve the quality of education in government schools. We currently operate in five states (Delhi, Tamil Nadu, Madhya Pradesh, Tripura, and Punjab) and are proud to have a dedicated team of 50+ young professionals.

The Education Alliance is hiring across several open positions, in Tamil Nadu and Madhya Pradesh.

Open Positions in Tamil Nadu

1. Data Lead, School Education Department, Tamil Nadu: Visit Here to Apply
2. Program Manager, State Reform, Tamil Nadu – Visit Here to Apply

Open Positions in Madhya Pradesh

1. Senior Associate, Project Support and Advisory Group, Madhya Pradesh – Visit Here to Apply
2. Program Manager, Mission Ankur, Madhya Pradesh – Visit Here to Apply

For Official Notifications: Visit Here

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