Two day International Conference on Shifting Paradigms in Narratives in the Age of Pandemic

Organizer: PG & Research Department of English, in association with IQAC, NSS Hindu College, Changanassery, Kerala, India

About the Conference

  • When: 6 th & 7th April 2022
  • Call for Papers

Dr. Paul Arthur, Vice-Chancellor’s Professorial Research Fellow and Chair in Digital Humanities and Social Sciences, at Edith Cowan University, Western Australia. Dr.Stephen Muecke ,Adjunct Professor, Nulungu Research Institute, Notre Dame University, Brome, Western Australia, Dr.Babitha Marina Justin, Associate Professor, Department of Humanities, Indian Institute of Space and Technology, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala and Dr.B.Padmanabhan , Assistant Professor, Bharathiar University, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu would be the keynote speakers of this conference.

Papers are Invited

Abstract of papers (not exceeding 250 words) along with a brief narrative bio-note (not exceeding 50 words) are to be sent to on or before 25th March.

The conference attempts to offer an alternative framework for better understanding the complexities in the centre/margin dichotomy in the age of pandemic. The thrust areas include Post Truth, Pandemic Literature, Gender Studies, Environmental Humanities, Digital Humanities, Trauma Studies, Refugee Literature, Culture and Representation, Post –Humanism, Memory Studies.

Abstracts should be submitted online with the following information and in this order

  • a) Authors
  • b) Affiliation
  • c) E-mail Address
  • d) Telephone numbers
  • c) Title of Abstracts
  • d) Body of Abstract
  • f) Keywords.

Please use plain text (Times Roman 12; Single Spaced for the submission of abstracts and abstain from any footnotes and special formatting. All proposals are subject to a peer review process. Selected conference papers will be published in a journal.

The receipt of abstracts would be acknowledged immediately on or before March 28th

Prof. (Dr) Sujatha S.

Principal, NSS Hindu College,

IQAC Convenor- Prof (Dr.) S.AnilKumar, HoD, Dept of Chemistry

Dr.Priyadarshini S.
(HoD, Dept of English)

Sri. Rajeev G

Members of Organizing Committee

Dr.Manju V.S.
Dr.Sheethal S.Nair
Smt.Divya S.Nair,
Smt.Anu Lakshmi Babu
Smt Paravathy KJ
Smt.Parvathy Mohan
Smt.Meera Prasannan,
Dr.Sreeja S.Nair
Dr.Athira Prakash
Smt.Jyothy S.S.
Smt.Vidhya Vijayan,

Student Coordinators
Contact: Rajeev G (9895384162),


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