Two Day National Seminar on Multi-functions and Displacement: Woman ‘the Other’

Organizer: Department of English Kendrapara Autonomous College- UGC Sponsored

About the Seminar

  • When: 19-20 February 2023
  • No Registration fees for students and research scholars
  • All participants should submit the full papers

Concept Note

Human Civilization has witnessed a woman’s odyssey starting from the Vedic Age to this prevailing 21st Century. From the time immemorial, a woman is being treated as a weaker sex who always needs male validation for almost everything. But with the advent of the 19th century and emergence of women’s movement, the status of women began to change and elevate from woman as ‘the other’ to woman of power. In the present scenario, the women remodel their social, economic, political, sexual narratives and create their own discourse around their existence with the assertion of their own identity. Keeping pace with the prevailing winds of change, women have already proved their mettle in almost all the domains of life.

Despite all these developments powered by various waves of feminism, it still does have critical, complex and covert issues which widely offer academic discussion and research opportunities. The inability of the mainstream feminism to accommodate the issues of all the women across the globe has eventually paved the ways for black feminism, dalit feminism, so on and so forth. Though several attempts have been made over the recent years for resuscitating the voice of the marginalized and oppressed women, many more are there to be accomplished in the forthcoming days for the upliftment of the standard of the women. Marginalization, dislocation and displacement have consistently been major forces in shaping women’s experience of patriarchy from the episodes of mythology to the modern platforms of art and literature.

Many pertinent questions come to the fore, while reflecting on the issues confronted by the women. Does the issue lie in the mind? Is the issue more psychological than socio-political and cultural? History has seen countless progressive women as ice-breakers, eye-openers and path-finders. With this proposed seminar, we aspire to bring out various dimensions of displacement demonstrated in the pages of literature and other forms of art and celebrate the women who have succeeded in their venture to carve a niche for themselves by challenging the so- called male bastion and stereotypical representation of women.

The seminar invites papers that promise to discuss on every aspect of the topic cited above.

Possible Sub-Themes:

  • Gender and Sensitization
  • Women and Literature
  • Women and Indian freedom Movement
  • Women and Defense/war-history
  • Women and Sex-workers 6. Women and Sexual Harassment at work place.
  • Domestic violence against women
  • Transgender study
  • Woman and Religion
  • Eco-feminism
  • Women and Human Rights
  • Women and Sports
  • Women and performing arts
  • Sexuality and the Body
  • Women and Globalization
  • Women and Politics
  • Women and Religion
  • Women and Caste
  • Women’s writings and Narratives
  • Women’s movements

Note: Submit your abstract in (300 words) for the conference to

Please note:

Abstract submissions deadline: 30th January 2023. Acceptance or rejection of abstracts will be notified by e-mail within a week of receiving your abstract, which should be submitted online.

About Kendrapara:

Nestled on the littoral coast of the Bay of the Bengal the district Kendrapara has been playing pivotal role in the state. The tourist places like Bhitarkanika famous for Gharial Crocodiles, Gahiramatha famous for Olive Ridley Tortoise, Batighar (Light house)at Hukitola whole speak about the rich biodiversity and the treasure troves of the maritime ac- tivities in the past.

The name Kendrapara (Tulasi Khetra) unfolds the mythical story of Balaram killing the demon King Kandarasura and marrying his daughter Tulasi. During India’s freedom movement Kendrapara has played a great role against the exploitative King of Kanika and encouraging many a freedom fighters sacrificing life for the cause.

Kendrapara Autonomous College

The present Kendrapara Autono- mous College was established on 12th February 1959 on the sacred day of the Saraswati Puja as Kendrapara College. It has been accredited ‘A’ grade twice by the NAAC. The college enjoys a student strength of more than 5000 and P.G.Courses in 10 subjects since its inception. It has produced ennumber of luminary alumni being placed in various fields. It is not only the premiere institute in the district but also the No. 1 Non-Govt. College in the state. Some illustrious teaching members have brought laurels by winning highest state and national Awards and have the credit of writing a good number of books being published by reputed publishers.

About the Department

The department of English is the oldest one in the college. It is proud of teaching faculties like Prof. P.G Ramarao, Dr. Ramachandra Behera, Prof. Bhagwan Jena, Prof. Manzoor Ali and the like who have proved their excellence and expertise in various fields. Prof. Ramarao has the doctorate degree from Oxford University and retired from Utkal University as Prof and Head of the dept. At present there are five permanent faculty members and two guest faculty members. The graduates of the department have proved their mettle in various walks of life, bringing lawels to this department. Its alumni have a very rich tradition.

How to Reach Kendrapara:

By Bus/ Car / Tax: a) From Bhubaneswar to Kendrapara via Cuttack covering 90 kms
From Cuttack to Kendrapara covering 60kms.

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