Virtual Discussion on People’s Commission on Employment and Unemployment Report 2022

Organizer: GSDS forum

About the Session

  • When: June 09, 2023 from 12 :15 PM IST to 1:15 PM IST
  • Free Registration
  • Platform: Zoom

Chair: Dr. Devendra Sharma, India’s Leading Expert on Agriculture and Food Policy 

Guest: Prof Anand Kumar,  Eminent Social Scientist 

Speaker: Prof Arun Kumar, Eminent Economist , India

Convener: Prof. Jayant Tomar, HOD,GSDS,ITM University

Moderator: Randhir Kumar Gautam, Assistant Professor , ITM University Gwalior

Convener: Dr. Alok Bajpai, Assistant Professor, ITM University

Co-Convener: Dr. Veronica khangchian, coordinator, GSDS forum, ITM university Gwalior

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