Virtual Session on Rehabilitation for Multi-ligament Knee Injuries

Organizer: Assimilate by Medversity on WORLD PHYSIOTHERAPY DAY

About the Session

  • When: 8th Sep 2023 at 3 pm IST
  • Free Registration
  • Platform: Zoom

Session by: Dr. Vaishali Goyal, Founder and MD, Pro Cure Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Centre

About the Case Presentation

Multi-ligament knee injuries, a complex and often devastating orthopedic condition, pose significant challenges for both patients and healthcare providers. These injuries involve the simultaneous damage to multiple ligaments within the knee joint, resulting in instability, pain, and impaired function. Timely diagnosis and expert management are crucial in navigating the intricate treatment pathways, which may include surgical reconstruction and comprehensive rehabilitation to restore stability and mobility, ultimately improving the quality of life for those affected by this intricate and demanding orthopedic condition.

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Dr. Vaishali Goyal is an exceptional and dedicated healthcare professional whose passion for physiotherapy and holistic well-being shines through her impressive career journey. As the founder of PRO CURE PHYSIOTHERAPY AND REHABILITATION CENTRE, she exemplifies entrepreneurial spirit and expertise in manual therapy, biomechanics, and posture analysis. With a stellar academic record including a Master’s degree in Physical Therapy/Therapist, she has consistently demonstrated a commitment to excellence. Dr. Goyal’s versatile skills, coupled with her invaluable experience as a physiotherapist at Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals and her recent specialization in antenatal and postnatal yoga, reflect her unwavering dedication to enhancing the health and wellness of individuals in the New Delhi community and beyond.

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