Application Invited for Harvard University Aspire Leaders Program

About the Program

Candidates for the program receive a host of leadership, academic, and professional development resources through a tiered application structure that reaches thousands of students globally. Over 16,000 students from 130 countries applied for the Aspire Leaders Program in 2022.

Students access self-assessment tools, fully funded Harvard course materials, and live seminars with world-class educators. Through a global and intellectual community, participants interact a global community as they grapple with questions of identity, technology, ethics, and structural change.

Aspire’s multi-stage program offers a host of benefits to thousands of applicants.

These include:

For participants in stages 1-3:

  1. Machine-learning-based skills assessment and recommendations for improvement
  2. Fully-funded HarvardX courses
  3. Live, interactive sessions featuring world-class educators from Harvard and other leading institutions worldwide from a range of disciplinary backgrounds

Stage 4:

Aspire Institute will invite a selection of participants to apply for stage 5. These students will partake in professional development workshops and compile an application that includes:

  1. Resume
  2. Personal Statement
  3. Two letters of recommendation
  4. Academic transcript
  5. Video interview

Stage 5, immersive learning:

  1. Intensive final cohort program with case-study-based curricula
  2. Gain access to Alumni Network Programs and Extended Leadership Opportunities

Experimental pedagogical approaches and innovative uses of technology bring together faculty members across disciplines and students from all around the globe, creating a novel global and interdisciplinary classroom.

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