Applications invited for Research Fellowships by IPF

India Policy Foundation (IPF), a New Delhi based research organisation, awards fellowships and scholarships to deserving researchers and scholars. These financial assistance offers are available for study and research on topics approved by the IPF Academic Committee. At present, IPF offers the following fellowships for academic research and writing.

  • India Policy Foundation Fellowships for the year 2024:
  • Total Number of Fellowship(s) – 8
  • Amount of Award – Rs. 1,50,000/- for each selected Fellow
  • Research Period – 6 to 9 months
  • Eligibility: PhD is desirable but not essential for competent candidates.
  • Preferred Language for Research work: English or Hindi

These fellowships were founded by Shri Nath Charan Puri, a leading businessman and social worker in the memory of his brother Kali Charan Dass Puri, a successful engineer-entrepreneur who was also a prominent social activist and philanthropist. These fellowships are given for promoting Bharat-centric research and scholarly work.

These fellowships were founded by Lodha Foundation, Mumbai for promoting research and scholarly work in the fields of ‘Rural Development’ and ‘Public Policy’.

  • The above Fellowships are for research work in the year 2024 for a duration of six to nine months
  • Last date for sending applications is February 29, 2024.
  • Interested researchers can apply for these Fellowships
  • Selection will be done by the IPF Academic Committee on the basis of the research proposal and competence of the candidate for the desired research work.

Interested candidates can get more details from India Policy Foundation website:

For Details: Visit Here

Applications for the Kali Charan Puri Research Fellowships (Year 2024) are invited for the following topics:

  • Caste-based Census: Demands, Rationale and Concerns
  • Demographic Changes and Emerging Challenges
  • One Nation, One Election: The Way Forward
  • Bharat’s Cultural Links to South-East Asia

Applications for the Lodha Foundation Research Fellowships (Year 2024) are invited for the following topics:

  • Women’s Education in Ancient India
  • Challenges in Providing Education in Bharatiya Languages
  • Bharatiya Knowledge in Psychology
  • Inclusion and Integration of Traditional Knowledge in Agriculture in Contemporary Education and Practice

Application and Proposal for the above Fellowships should include:

  • Detailed CV with academic details
  • Preferred topic for proposed research work
  • Objective behind proposed research work
  • Relevance of proposed topic to your field of study or work

Interested candidates can email their proposal along with their CV to:

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