Apply Now: FinTech and Digital Marketing Specialist Location-New Delhi

We are seeking a dynamic person with background in fintech and digital marketing to empower rural women by bridging the divide and in establishing and managing micro-enterprises through innovative financial technology and digital marketin solutions. This pivotal role aims to bridge the digital gap and provide marginalized women entrepreneur access to financial tools and digital marketing opportunities.

Qualification and Experience

  • Education: Bachelor’s / Master’s degree in Finance, Business Administration, Economics, digital marketing or Information Technology. Advanced degree preferred.
  • Experience: 3-5 years in fintech, financial inclusion, and/or digital marketing, with a focus on serving marginalized communities, especially women
  • Technical Skills: Strong understanding of digital financial services and proficiency in MS Office, accounting software, digital marketing and project management tools


Tailored Fintech Solutions Development: Design and implement fintech solutions customized for rural women micro-entrepreneurs, including mobile apps, financial management tools, and digital payment platforms.

Financial Literacy Training: Develop and deliver comprehensive training programs on financial literacy topics such as budgeting, working capital management, credit management, record keeping and investment strategies.

Digital Payment System Setup: Assist women in setting up and optimizing digital payment systems and mobile banking apps, providing hands-on support and addressing technical challenges.

Digital Marketing for various enterprise: Develop and implement digital marketing strategies to promote fintech solutions among rural women micro-entrepreneurs. Utilize various digital channels, including social media and websites, to raise awareness and generate interest

How to Apply

Apply by 25th April 2024 | Send your CV at:

Remuneration: Based on qualification, experience, and last drawn

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