Apply Now: Gender Equity/GBV Evidence Accelerator Fellowship

The Johns Hopkins Center for Global Women’s Health and Gender Equity recently launched the Gender Equity/GBV Evidence Accelerator Fellowship programSupported by the David and Lucile Packard Foundation.

This year-long, virtual mentored program designed for global professionals actively involved in the field of gender equity and GBV, offers a unique opportunity for professional development and collaborative learning. 

Key Highlights:

  • Virtual mentorship from experts in gender equity and GBV
  • Collaborative learning with a diverse cohort of global professionals
  • Exclusive access to resources, research, and best practices
  • Opportunities for networking and collaboration on impactful projects

Application Details:

Applications for the fellowship are now open, and we invite individuals committed to advancing gender equity and combating GBV to apply. The deadline for submissions is February 28, 2024.

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This year-long inaugural cohort program offers sponsored mentorship and select coursework through the Center for Global Women’s Health and Gender Equity (CGWHE) at the Johns Hopkins University to practitioners, professionals, and scholars engaged in gender equity work, including those focused on gender-based violence (GBV), particularly in low- and middle-income settings.

The part-time fellowship builds skills in evidence generation, synthesis/analysis, and translation for gender equity and GBV. Fellows complete select coursework offered through  Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health (BSPH), and receive ongoing mentorship from CGWHE faculty, within a cohort experience designed for networking and professional development, including 1-2 in-person cohort gatherings throughout the year. Ongoing activities are virtual, with select in-person convenings to enable connectivity. Fellowship scholars will complete a mini-project focused on gender equity/GBV, such as secondary analysis of survey data, or evidence synthesis, with mentorship and data analysis support from CGWHE faculty. Estimated time commitment: 10 hours weekly on average, up to 20 hours/ week during course weeks, plus travel for convenings.

Ideal candidates include but are not limited to those working in the field of gender equity and/or GBV in roles including program monitoring and evaluation; community researcher; practitioners; and PhD students outside the US. Applicants should have some experience in this area and should demonstrate a need for additional skills in evidence-based gender equity/GBV research, programs and/or policy to accelerate the impact of their work and further their career goals.  

The scholarship will cover the participant’s travel costs, course registration, and faculty mentoring.  No compensation will be offered for participant’s time.  We encourage those who are employed to discuss their potential participation with their employer, including whether you can engage in course work and/or meetings that fall within normal working hours.

Programme Timeline:

  • March 15 2024: Notification of selection
  • May 6 2024: Kick off meeting
  • June 3-6 2024: Course: Applications to Gender Analysis ++
  • June 10-28 2024: Course: Epidemiologic Inference in Public Health I++
  • June 10-13 2024: Course: Gender-Based Violence Research, Practice and Policy
  • June 24-27 2024: Course: Women’s Health: Disparities and Equity Implications*
  • July  1 2024: Course: Complete LinkedIn STATA
  • July 15-18 2024: Course: International Perspectives on Women, Gender, and Health*
  • July- August 2024: Weekly seminar
  • July – December 2024: Mentored development and completion of mini-project; monthly seminar
  • October 2024:  Program convening to coincide with SVRI conference
  • January – May 2025: Written and oral dissemination of mentored mini-project

Questions regarding your application, contact

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