Apply Now: ISRO Announced Young Scientist Programme 2024

Children and youth have fascination for space and universe. They are very curious and wish to know everything about all the celestial phenomenon. To address this staunch curiosity of young minds, Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) is organising a special programme for School Children called “Young Scientist Programme” “YUva VIgyan KAryakram” (YUVIKA).

About the YUVIKA Programme

The key objective of this initiative is to impart basic knowledge on Space Science, Space Technology and Space Applications to the younger students in emerging trends in space science and technology. ISRO has chalked out this programme to “Catch them young”. As we all are aware that the youngsters can involve and excel in space science and technology if they get an opportunity because they are the future building blocks of our nation.

YUVIKA programme is also expected to encourage more students to pursue in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) based research and aligned career.

Young Scientist Programme – YUVIKA was conceived to impart basic knowledge on Space Science, Space Technology and Space Applications to the younger students with a preference to rural areas of the country. The programme is thus aimed at creating awareness about the emerging trends in science and technology amongst the school going students. The programme envisages two weeks’ class room training, practical demonstration of experiments, hands on CANSAT, Robotic kit, Model rocketry interactions with ISRO scientists and field visits.

The programme was conducted successfully in 2019, 2022 and 2023 with the participation of 111, 153 and 337 students respectively, representing each and every State and Union Territory of India. The students were divided into five batches based on the geographical locations and imparted training at VSSC, URSC, SAC, NRSC, NESAC, SDSC SHAR & IIRS.

ISRO received an overwhelming response for YUVIKA – 2023, as more than 1.25 lakhs students had registered for YUVIKA – 2023 from all corners of India. The students are selected from all states and union territories based on marks scored in their last examination, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.

The course covers class room lectures, hands on activity like robotics challenge, DIY assembly of rocket/satellite, sky gazing, etc., technical facility visits, and interaction with space scientists.

How to Register for YUVIKA-2024?

ISRO has announced the YUVIKA-2024. The registration process for YUVIKA-2024 will be held from February 20 to March 20, 2024.

  • Step-1: Register in ISRO Antariksha Jigyasa Platform:
  • Step-2: Verify your email as received after successful registration in above website. Please click on the verification link sent to your registered email ID.
  • Step-3: Participate in SpaceQuiz. Read Quiz guidelines carefully before appearing for the quiz.
  • Step-4: Fill your personal profile and education details.
  • Step-5: Student need to take photo copy of the certificates and attest the same by the Principal/Head of School signing the certificate for verification. The verified certificate needs to scan and upload into the website. The photo copy of attested certificates and certificate for verification need to be uploaded at the website.
  • Step-6: Generate your certificate for verification by your Principal/Head of School/ Parent/ Guardian (Any mismatch observed in the attached certificate(s) by the student and certificate for verification submitted by student will liable for cancellation of candidature of the student).
  • Step-7: Scan and upload your document and submit the application.

Who can apply for YUVIKA – 2024?

Students studying in Class 9 as on January 1, 2024, within India are eligible to apply for the ISRO Young Scientist Programme (YUVIKA). Applicants are advised to review carefully all the details entered in the application form, uploaded documents and certificates before submitting the application form. Applications once submitted cannot be edited or modified later. For more information, applicant students can visit the website of ISRO Antariksha Jigyasa:

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