Apply Now: Summer Internship Programme at SAIDE, IIT Jodhpur

Inviting applications for the summer internship program at the School of AI and Data Science at Indian Institute of Technology Jodhpur from May 15, 2024 to July, 15 2024

  • When: May 15, 2024 to July, 15 2024
  • Mode of Internship: Offline and Online
  • Exciting rewards for high performers
  • No financial assistance will be provided
  • Last date for application: April 15th, 2024

Eligibility: We encourage undergraduates (2nd/3rd/4th or recently graduated) and graduate students of all disciplines with CGPA above 7/10 to apply. 

Mode of Internship: Internship will be conducted in either online or offline mode, depending on the project that has been selected. It is mentioned next to the projects, the mode in which they will likely run.

Background skills: Proficiency in programming/modelling/data science is preferred. Experience in Machine Learning and Deep Learning is a plus.

Preferred Projects: In the project topics listed below, the indicative area of the project is mentioned along with it. The project that you click first will be considered as your first preference and so on.

Indicative Areas

  • Applied Mathematics and Modelling
  • Brain Science and Applications
  • Civil/Infrastructure
  • Deep Learning and Computer Vision
  • Economics
  • Game Theory
  • Internet of Things, App/Web development
  • Multisensory applications
  • Robotics and AI

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Note that in case of offline mode, no financial assistance will be provided. The candidate must take care of their travel and other expenses. Campus accommodation may be available under nominal rates for the summer internship period.

Topics of preference as per the indicative areas mentioned in the advertisement *

  • Applied Mathematics and Modelling: 3D Geometry Procesing and Applications in Computer Graphics (Offline)
  • Applied Mathematics and Modelling: LSTM Modelling for understanding transtional flows. (Any)
  • Brain Science and Application: Development of smartphone app for collecting fine-grained usage data and integrating physiological / wearable EEG sensor data (Offline)
  • Brain Science and Application: Distinguishing bottom-up and top-down attentional drives in visual search (Offline)
  • Brain Science and Application: Realtime sleep stageing (Offline)
  • Brain Science and Application: Dynamical models of the brain (Offline)
  • Brain Science and Application: Brain-inspired multimodal image analysis (Online)
  • Brain Science and Application: Neurocomputational models of action control (Online)
  • Civil/Infrastructure: Developing climate resilient infrastructure under changing climate (Offline)
  • Civil/Infrastructure: Monitoring of water stress in Jodhpur using hybrid modeling (Offline)
  • Deep Learning and Computer Vision: Few-shot detection of tumors in CT scans (Online)
  • Deep Learning and Computer Vision: Identification of tumor’s genetic identity from CT scans (Online)
  • Deep Learning and Computer Vision: Multi-modal image analysis for brain tumor classification (Online)
  • Economics: Sensitivity of Fiscal and Monetary Policy Communications using NLP (Online)
  • Economics: Sustainability of Natural Resources (Online)
  • Economics: Channel System in Monetary Policy (Online)
  • Game Theory: Driver behaviour modelling in the era of autonomous vehicles (Offline)
  • Internet of Things: Development of IOT devices dashboard for leakage detection using water distribution network digital twin: A case study of IITJ campus (Online)
  • Multisensory Applications: Skin-based language communication (Offline)
  • Multisensory Applications: Developing a mobile app for digital wellbeing, by harnessing the power of multi-sensory experiences. (Any)
  • Robotics and AI: Development of GUI for Knee Continuous Hybrid Motion (CHM) machine (Offline)
  • Robotics and AI: Development of GUI for ECG, blood pressure, and pulse rate measurement sensors (Offline)
  • Robotics and AI: Vision-based Spacecraft Soft Docking Modelling and Simulation Using Two Robotic Manipulators in ROS (Offline)
  • Website development: Designing of a website enabling google form based data handling (Online)


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