Call for Applications: CLAS Grants for Feasibility Studies/Research Projects

  • Last Date of Submission of Application: 5:00 PM, 07th January 2023

Centre for Latin American Studies (CLAS)
University of Kerala

Theme: Kerala and Latin America


The Centre for Latin American Studies (CLAS), Department of Political Science, University of Kerala was established in
2015 with the intent of spearheading research and studies on Latin America and developing close bilateral ties between
India and Latin America. For India, especially for the state of Kerala, the significance of Latin America lies in certain economic, political and cultural factors. The vast endowment of natural resources and complementary time zones in a
globalised economy are strategic assets in the economic sphere. Latin America is increasingly considered an important
investment destination owing to its growing industrial and manufacturing strength and continuous improvements in ease of doing business. On the other hand, India offers immense opportunities for collaboration, trade, and investment for
partner countries from Latin America. The population of Kerala has often extended a warm welcome to Latin America
culturally, especially to its literature and sports. Latin America has a great influence on the socio-political, cultural and
agricultural spheres of Kerala. Latin American crops have been cultivated here, tapioca for instance. Due to geographical
similarities, Latin American crops and farming are considered suitable for Kerala. Therefore, it is necessary to formulate
plans that will utilise the potential of Kerala and Latin America.

Keeping these similarities in mind, the State government has announced support for conducting feasibility studies leading
to plan formulation. This will be of much aid for the state government to replicate successful models in Latin America and
vice-versa vis-à-vis agriculture, industry, culture and socio-political spheres. The Kerala State Government through its
budget 2021-22 has entrusted the responsibility of doing such feasibility studies/research projects with the Centre for Latin American Studies (CLAS), University of Kerala.


The feasibility studies/research projects consist of carrying out a preliminary analysis to determine the possible modalities and costs of comparative studies in the fields of agriculture, industry and culture.

Scope for the Work

In the framework of the feasibility study, the expert(s) will be mandated to analyse the contributions that the feasibility
study/research project could add to the work of the Government/Centre.

Nature of the Work

Survey, techno-economic analysis, simulation modelling, location specific research, pilot scale demonstration projects and replication of success models.

Selection Criteria

Projects/ feasibility studies must be capable of formulating plans that will utilise the potential of Kerala and Latin America and should pertain to any of the following fields: Agriculture/ Industry/ Innovation/ Promoting Kerala-Latin American Trade relations/Education/Tourism/Culture. Preference will be given to comparative studies in agriculture. The Centre especially welcomes collaborative projects with universities/institutes in Latin America.

The applicant(s) must be a faculty member affiliated to any University, having PhD and must possess equivalent research work. S/he should demonstrate research experience through publications: books/research papers/book chapters/reports. The proposed feasibility/research study shall have a duration of three to twelve months. Allocation of the funds shall depend on the nature of the project.
Ten per cent of the total amount allocated will be charged as institutional overhead costs.

How to Apply

Applications shall be submitted to

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