Call for Book Chapter Proposals: Mangroves in a Changing World- Adaptation and Resilience

Springer Contributed Volume (Open access)

Important Dates:

  • Proposed Date of Publication: January 01, 2024
  • Submission of Full Chapters: November 30, 2023
  • Acceptance/ Rejection Notification: 3-5 days from receipt of contributions

About the Book

Mangroves are among the most productive and diverse ecosystems on Earth, providing a range of ecosystem services that benefit millions of people and support global sustainability goals. However, mangroves are also highly vulnerable to climate change impacts, such as sea level rise, storms, salinity changes, and erosion, which threaten their survival and functionality. This book aims to provide researchers with the latest scientific knowledge and practical tools to understand, assess, and enhance the adaptation resilience of mangroves to climate change. It covers topics such as mangrove ecology distribution, mangrove ecosystem services valuation, mangrove adaptation resilience mechanisms indicators, mangrove restoration conservation strategies, mangrove governance policy frameworks, and mangrove modeling mapping approaches. The book also showcases case studies from different regions of the world, highlighting the challenges and opportunities of mangrove management in a changing world. The book is intended to serve as a valuable reference resource for researchers, students. practitioners, policymakers and anyone interested in mangrove science management.

Academic Scientists and Researchers are invited to submit quality chapters for this edited book in the above discussed areas focusing on mangrove ecosystems. All submissions must be original and should not be under review by any other journal or publisher. The chapters should contain a maximum of 10 pages.

  • Only electronic submissions in word format will be considered.

All chapter submissions must be emailed to

Ms. Vidya Padmakumar Biologist, Hazelton, Canada

Dr. Murugan Shanthakumar Biologist, Bengaluru, India

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