CALL FOR BOOK CHAPTERS: From Genes to Algorithms: Navigating the Biotechnology Data Revolution

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Book Series: Advances in Data Science Driven Technologies (

The aim of writing this book is to fulfill the crucial requirement for a comprehensive resource that connects genomics, biotechnology, and data science. The discipline of biotechnology has experienced a revolutionary transformation due to the introduction of high-
throughput technologies, which generate large quantities of intricate biological data. Given the increasing amount and intricacy of biological data, there is a pressing demand for a comprehensive manual that not only clarifies the complexities of genomics but also equips researchers, students, and professionals with the necessary skills and knowledge to navigate the data-driven environment.

This book endeavours to transcend its textbook status by serving as a guide, a reference, and a catalyst for creativity in the dynamic intersection of biotechnology and data science. It has the potential to become an essential tool for individuals managing the dynamic and intricate process of transitioning from genetic information to computational algorithms in the biotechnology data revolution.

Table of Contents

  • Unravelling the Biotechnology Data Revolution: A Roadmap
  • Foundations of Biotechnology Data
  • Computational Approaches for Integrating Omics Data
  • Machine Learning Applications in Biotechnology
  • Network Analysis in Systems Biology
  • Statistical Methods for Biotechnology Data
  • Next-Generation Sequencing Technologies
  • Biological Databases and Data Repositories
  • Target Identification and Validation through Data Analytics
  • Drug Repurposing: Mining Existing Data for New Solutions
  • Pharmacogenomics: Tailoring Drug Therapies
  • Precision Medicine and Clinical Applications
  • Synthetic Biology Approaches: Engineering Biological Systems
  • Ethical and Regulatory Dimensions of Synthetic Biology
  • Species-Centric Perspectives on Biotechnology Data in Agricultural Innovation
  • Challenges and Opportunities in Biotechnology Data
  • Future directions and implications of Biotechnology Data
  • Case Studies in Biotechnology Data Applications
  • Any other topic related to theme of the book


  • Abstract Submission: 31st January 2024,
  • Abstract Notification: 15th February 2024
  • Full Chapter Submission: 15th March 2024,
  • Review Notification: 31st March 2024,
  • Final Acceptance/ Rejection: 15th April 2024

Dr. Pankaj Bhambri, GNDEC, Ludhiana MIET, Patiala, Punjab, INDIA
Dr. Sandeep Kautish, Jammu and Kashmir, INDIA
Ms. Yogita Gupta, Punjab, INDIA

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