Managing Quality in Higher Education Institutions (978-93-91654-00-9)

Quality Indicators in Higher Education Institutions (978-93-91654-01-6)

Important Dates

  • Chapter Submission: 31 July-2022
  • Chapter Acceptance: 15 August-2022
  • Book Publication: 31 August-2022
  • No Publication Charges

Tentative Chapters

  • Responding to Student Diversity
  • Improving Modes of Classroom Teaching Enhancing Creativity Among Students
  • Data Based Decision Making
  • Working for Competency & Skill Development
  • Creating Environment for Innovations
  • Flexibility in Curriculum & Assessment Developing Research Culture
  • Serving Local Community
  • Working in Collaborations Developing Total Quality Culture
  • Integrating Technology in Working
  • Improving Student Support Services
  • Involving Students in Decision Making
  • Building Alumni Culture Practicing Decentralisation Institutional Values and Social Responsibilities Developing Library as a Learning Resource
  • Strategy Development and Deployment Empowering Faculty Members
  • Curriculum Implementation & Enrichment Conducting Stakeholders Satisfaction Survey

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Guidelines for Authors

  • All manuscripts must be submitted using chapter submission tab available on the website or
  • Format-MS Word Spacing-Single
  • Font-Times New Roman
  • Font Size-12 References-A.P.A. Style (7th Edition) Number of Words-3000 to 5000

All manuscripts must include an abstract of 100-150 words and 5-10 keywords. Manuscript should be plagiarism free.Check for grammar and plagiarism before submitting. Plagiarism report should be attached.It must not be more than 10%

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