Call for Chapters: Analyzing the Nexus of Big Data and International Trade

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Publication: IGI GLOBAL

This book investigates the mutually beneficial relationship between data analytics and global business, highlighting the transformational possibilities inherent in their convergence. As data becomes the foundation of modern economies and international trade continues to impact the interconnected globe, this book provides a thorough examination of how big data affects trade dynamics, policy formation, supply chain optimization, and market intelligence. With insights suited for scholars, politicians, practitioners, and students, this book acts as a guiding light, navigating the complexity of data-driven trade to chart a road for a more affluent and sustainable global future.

The topics are related to (But not limited to) the following

  • Big Data Applications for Trade Policy Development
  • Big Data-Driven Supply Chain Optimization
  • Market Intelligence and Data-Driven Decisions
  • Trade Finance and Risk Management
  • Cross-border E-commerce and Digital Trade
  • Policy Implications for Data Privacy and Security
  • Environmental and social sustainability in trade
  • Future trends and emerging technologies
  • Legal and Regulatory Frameworks for Data-Driven Trade
  • Data-driven Trade Compliance and Customs Modernization
  • Regional Trade Agreements and Big Data Integration.
  • Data Visualization and Decision Support Tools for Trade Analysis
  • Data Exchange and Collaboration in Global Trade Networks
  • The ethical and legal implications of data ownership and access
  • Capacity building and skill development for data-driven trade.
  • Evaluating the Economic Impact of Big Data

Important Dates

  • Proposals Submission Deadline: May 19, 2024
  • Full Chapters Due: July 21, 2024
  • Submission Date: July 21, 2024

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Dr. Rizwan Khan, Assistant professor,
Department of Commerce, University School of Business, Chandigarh University, India

Dr. Mohammad Taqi, Assistant Professor,
School of Business, Bahrain Polytechnic,

Professor Khaled Hussainey, School of Accounting, Economics & Finance
Faculty of Business & Law, University of Portsmouth, Portsmouth, United Kingdom

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