Call for Papers: Reflections on Culture; Culture and Gender

Organizer: Department of English, Sree Kerala Varma College in Collaboration with Kerala Sahitya Academi

Concept Note

Culture and gender have perpetually governed our everyday existence and the concept of gender has persistently been associated with the aspect of culture as a ‘social construction.’ Multiple ruminations pertaining to the inevitable relationship between gender and culture have always fascinated the academic world. The interdisciplinary nature of the association between gender and culture demands a broad approach of enquiry. The seminar intends to discuss the established assumptions about gender and culture bringing forth the theoretical and pragmatic aspects of the aforesaid theme. It aims to ponder, problematize and analyse the multiple perspectives on gender and culture from a holistic perspective, incorporating the voices of agreement, dissent and concern.

This seminar henceforth would attempt to encapsulate the inherent multiple perspectives of the theme by incorporating both the theoretical and the pragmatic dimensions of gender studies and cultural theory. It, furthermore, envisages a dynamic academic interaction where the critical and historical paradigms of the gender-culture association can be perceptually evaluated.

Call for Papers

We welcome abstracts from students, research scholars and academicians on the following thrust areas but not limited to:

  • Cultural History and Gender
  • Power and Gender
  • Oral culture and gender
  • Ethnicity, Identity and Gender
  • Popular culture and Gender
  • Gender in Folk culture
  • Art, aesthetics and Gender
  • Cyberculture and Gender
  • Social discourses and Gender
  • Food and Gender
  • Queer identities
  • Sexuality and Gender
  • Gender in Economy
  • Media and Gender
  • Gender in Politics
  • Ecology and Gender
  • Gender in Travel culture
  • Commerce and Gender
  • Disability and Gender
  • Memory and Gender

Abstracts not exceeding 500 words with name and details may be sent to the email id eidosseminarseries@gmail.comon or before 1 October 2022

Detailed brochure will follow

Dr. Divya N: 8301069579
Dr. Radhika K S: 9995456196

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