CALL FOR PAPERS: Unmarked Lives: Inscription of Identities of Women of Kerala

Concept Note

The state of Kerala is well known for its progressive gender ratio, which clearly shows that women are a majority in the state. Women are educated and employed, but close scrutiny of the everyday lives of such ‘empowered’ women will reveal that they are caught within the structures of multiple dominator systems. It is doubtful whether they are able to realise their full potential as they struggle to overcome multiple barriers. Women’s history is largely an uncharted area.

This book seeks to trace the path of women who have brought about a paradigm shift in socio-cultural domains. There are women who have contributed significantly in the domains of science, legal jurisprudence, the creation of public spaces, and the fields of art, literature, and culture, however, many of their contributions are not publicly known. Positive role models and an engagement with the past will help women to mark an identity of their own. Women and people who have been marginalized based on gender must know the history of gender politics in Kerala, and their contributions must be marked in the public domain. The lack of readily available archives that curate gender-based narratives is the origin of this project. Such a repository is needed to provide a trajectory of gender-based history. As violence against women and trans genders is on the rise, it is necessary to develop a knowledge base about such people who have fought against odds as well as about those who have become victims or martyrs of ruthless patriarchal ideology.

We propose to bring out a book based on women of Keralite origin who have made a marked difference in their chosen sphere. We request a write-up of 1500 words with a photograph of the person that you are writing about, and if the subject is alive, a brief interview will also be required. This book is expected to be a repository of knowledge and a source for further research.

Instructions for Submission and Timeline

  • All entries will be subject to careful scrutiny and only selected entries will be published.
  • The papers should be submitted as MS Word files.
  • The entries can be in either Malayalam or English. (We will translate and send it to you for approval)
  • Email to:
  • Subject Line: Unmarked women

Email your name and designation and a brief write-up of 250 words.
Last date for submission of the abstract: 30th December 2022.
Last Date for submission of the full paper: 1st February 2023.


Dr. Priya K. Nair, Assistant Professor Dept. of English, St. Teresa’s College Autonomous Ernakulam
Dr. Jisha John, Assistant Professor Dept. of English, St. Teresa’s College Autonomous, Ernakulam
Dr.Rajesh V. Nair, Assistant Professor of English, School of Letters, Mahatma Gandhi University, Kerala
N.P. Ullekh, Executive Editor, Open The Magazine

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