Call for Proposal: Implementation Partners for Nasccom

  • Last Date to Apply: 5th June 2024
  • Project Commencement Date: July 1st week, 2024
  • Project End Date: March 31st ,2025

Nasccom Foundation is looking for a Non-profit/For-profit organisation who could extent their support in mobilisation, training and placements for underprivileged youth in technical and soft skills to provide employment opportunities in the mainstream IT and Banking ecosystem.

Below are our requirements:

  • We need a partner with a special focus in – Delhi-NCR and Bangalore
  • Subject matter expertise in emerging technologies and financial services such as Artificial Intelligence, BPM and BFSI
  • Strong college connects, MoUs with colleges in Delhi-NCR and Bangalore
  • Robust network of companies for relevant job placement in the IT and ITES sector
  • Minimum 4-5 years of execution experience in CSR skilling Projects
  • 10+ years experience in handling large Government/NSDC-sponsored skilling programs
  • Existing centres with 1000/1500/2000 Sq ft area in the above-mentioned locations
  • SSC / TOT Certified trainers

If your organisation has the relevant expertise and experience as well as the geographic presence in these states, you may please send your responses after thoroughly reviewing the scope of work mentioned in the detailed RFP.

The details of the Request for Proposal can be accessed from nasscom foundation’s website in the RFP section.

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For any further queries, you may reach out to us at


As the social arm of nasscom, nasscom foundation works with the technology industry in achieving its goals of social transformation and impact through technology. Since over two decades of its existence, the foundation has touched more than one million lives through its
efforts towards providing digital literacy, skills for livelihood, supporting persons with disabilities, fostering innovation, empowering non-profits with technology and engaging in volunteerism.

Nasscom foundation’s ‘Skills and Employability’ department works to bridge the skilling gaps and support in building and upskilling ecosystem in India towards its goals of social transformation and impact through technology.


AI for Skilling Nasscom Foundation plans on implementing a project through NGO/for-profit partners in Delhi-NCR and Bangalore through skilling and upskilling underprivileged youth in Artificial
Intelligence, BPM and BFSI domains along with soft skills to provide employment
opportunities in mainstream IT and ITES ecosystem

  • 700 youth will undergo Min. 180 hours-200 Hours of training (120 hrs to 140 hrs domain and 60 hrs soft skill) industry-relevant skills
  • 100% physical training for unemployed graduates/youth (College 70% and Center 30%)
  • Engaging beneficiaries in guest lectures and employee engagement activities
  • Min. 70%-75% placement target 60% of the beneficiaries to be women
  • Post-placement tracking support

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