Call for Proposals- New Series: Food and Cultures from the Global South

Usually, the narratives around food habits and culinary practices are structured around individual tastes. But the narratives can be and need to be structured much beyond individual tastes. Historically, it has been observed that individual and collective food habits and culinary practices are driven by various social, cultural, gendered, sexual, racial, caste, geographical, commercial, and political factors. These factors provoke us to go beyond the stereotypical scientific narratives of consumption and unpack the various social dynamics and power structures that are associated with our daily food habits and culinary practices. With respect to these arguments, this series will generate an interwoven, multidisciplinary, and planetary archive on critical food studies, with a particular emphasis on representations from the Global South. The series will include titles on critical introductions, histories of creole foods, sociologies of culinary practices and food habits, psychological impacts of food habits and culinary practices, transoceanic food habits and culinary practices, representations of food in literatures (both fiction and non-fiction), politics of food habits and culinary practices, and cultural impacts of food habits and culinary practices.

Themes and Sub-themes (not restricted to):

  • Food and Creolization
  • Race, Gender, and Food
  • Food, Education, and Nature
  • Food, Palate, and Sexuality
  • Food, Psychology, and Society
  • Cultural Studies and Food
  • Philosophy of Food
  • Politics and Ideologies of Food
  • Food as a Propaganda
  • Food and Oceans
  • Food and Education
  • Food as Methodology

Please submit proposals and enquiries to:

Dr. Sayan Dey, Assistant Professor, Postcolonial Literature and Cultural Studies, Alliance School of Liberal Arts, Alliance University, Bengaluru

Dr. Gurpinder Lalli, Reader in Education for Social Justice, University of Wolverhampton, UK.,

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