Call for Submissions: Bhasha-Sahitya- Sandarbh, in the context of Language and Literature and Teaching


  • Contributors will be sent soft copy of the e-journal/book

The Centre for Language Studies, P P Savani University

Call for Submissions

Original and unpublished articles, poems, plays (in all formats), stories, teaching material, lesson plan, case studies, book reviews from various interrelated disciplines for “Bhasha-Sahitya- Sandarbh, in the context of Language and Literature and Teaching”(ISBN-978-93-5780-291-8) an inhouse publication of PPSU. The book will be widely circulated among nationally and internationally recognized academic institutions.

Original research papers and book reviews for our first international e-journal “Muhaan: A Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences.”

  • Format: APA 7
  • Word limit for manuscript: 3500-6000 Word limit for articles:1500-3000
  • Word limit for short stories:1500-2500 Word limit for poems: 150-200
  • Word limit for plays: 1500-2500
  • Publication Fees: NIL
  • Deadline: The 15th May, 2023

Contributions need to be sent to:

If anyone needs the hard copy of the book he/she needs to pay an amount of 1000 INR that includes the printing charge as well as the cartage.


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