Call for Submissions: Contest to Celebrate Navratri through Stories and Poems

Organizer: StoryMirror

StoryMirror invites you all to be part of the contest Navratri Diaries – Season 2, a contest to celebrate Navratri through stories and poems.

About the Competition

Nagadas, dhols, dandiyas, pandals, folk music, happy dances, a nine-day color-coded schedule, lights, fair, food – It is that time of the year when you can recharge yourself with positive energy, aesthetic senses, and spiritual growth. Celebrated with great pomp and show, Navratri brings joy and peace in everyone’s life. Our traditions have an inherent beauty within them. Let us deep dive into the beauty with our pen next to us.

Categories: Story – Poem

  • Submission Date: on or before Oct 25, 2023
  • Declaration of Result: November 30, 2023

Contest Theme

People especially women who celebrate the nine nights festivals of Nav Durga follow the particular color of the day. Here, we have listed the Navratri colours and its meaning. You need to create a story or poem, in a way that reflects the meaning of the colour and the essence of Navratri. For example, if you choose the colour red, you can write a story or poem about passion. You can, however, write on any topic relevant to Navratri, including those listed below.

  • White – White symbolises peace, serenity, calm and purity.
  • Red – Red symbolises passion, auspiciousness as well as anger essential to uproot evil
  • Royal Blue – Royal blue represents divine energy.
  • Yellow – Yellow colour symbolises joy and cheerfulness
  • Green – The colour green refers to the various aspects of Mother Nature and its nourishing qualities.
  • Grey – Grey refers to the destruction of evil.
  • Orange – Orange symbolises fire, brightness and knowledge.
  • Peacock Green – The colour peacock green represents the desires and wishes that get fulfilled.
  • Pink – Pink represents purity and femininity


  • You need to write on all the given themes.
  • Participants can submit for different categories (story/poem). However, each set of 9 submissions should be under the same category of either story or poem.
  • Participants should submit their original content. There is no limit to the number of content to be submitted.
  • There is no word limit.
  • There is no participation fee.
  • The participants will be judged based on the content quality.


Content can be submitted in any one or more of these languages – English, Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Odia & Bangla.

Prizes and Rewards

  • Top 10 story and poem in each language and category and will get a StoryMirror discount voucher worth Rs.149 and digital Appreciation certificate
  • The parameters considered for winning are editorial scores by our editorial team
  • Participants who submit 9 or more stories/poems will be featured in the StoryMirror Author Gallery and get a StoryMirror discount voucher worth Rs. 200
  • All participants will receive a participation certificate

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