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About the Agency

National Testing Service-India- A Scheme of Ministry of Education, Centre for Testing and Evaluation- HQ: Central Institute of Indian Languages,Dept. of Higher Education, Govt. of India
Manasagangotri, Mysuru-570006

  • Last date of the application: 07 March 2023 till 5.30PM

Expression of Interest

National Testing Service-India (NTS-I) invites Expression of Interest from the academicians and scholars working in the area of Linguistics, Education, Indian Languages, etc. in translating the Glossary of Evaluation Terms from English to Indian Languages. The total terms which are to
be translated are approximately 2500 individual words/phrases. These terms/words/phrases are drawn from the disciplines of Linguistics, Education, Psychology, Technology, Statistics, etc.
and are frequently used in the area of Language Testing and Educational Assessment.

Translation Pair:

From English to Scheduled Languages:-
Assamese, (2) Bengali, (3) Gujarati, (4) Hindi, (5) Kannada, (6) Kashmiri, (7) Konkani, ( 8 ) Malayalam, (9) Manipuri, (10) Marathi, (11) Nepali, (12) Odia, (13) Punjabi, (14) Sanskrit, (15)
Sindhi, (16) Tamil, (17) Telugu, (18) Urdu (19) Bodo, (20) Santali, (21) Maithili and (22) Dogri.

Non-Scheduled Languages

Adi, Ao, Baiga, Bhojpuri, Bhutia, Chhattisgarhi, Dimansa, , Galong, Garo, Gondi, Hmar, Ho, Juang, Karbi, Khampti, Kharia, Khasi,, Kokbarak, Kolami, Kom, Konda, Konyak, Koya, Kurukh, Kuvi, Ladakhi (Bhoti), Lai, Lepcha, Liangmei, Limbu, Lotha, , Mao, Mara, Maria, Mizo, Mundari, Muria, Newari, Nicobarese, Nissi, Phom, Pochury Saora, Sargujia, Savara, Sema, Sherpa, Tangkhul, Tangsa, Tenyidie, Thado, Tiwa, Tulu.

Note: – Languages which are not mentioned here but are part of Government recognized school Curriculum of a State/UT may also be chosen for Translation in Expression of Interest.


  1. A fixed honorarium of Rs. 10000 (Ten Thousand only) as per CIIL norms
  2. A contingency amount upto Rs. 5000/ (Five Thousand) for the purchase of
    dictionaries/books/glossaries required for the work.
  3. A joint editorship with the NTS-I/CIIL official(s). The manuscript will be published by CIIL, Ministry of Education, Government of India.
  4. 12 complimentary copies of the publication.


  1. Presently holding a teaching or research post in a Government Recognized
    University/Institute, in India, minimum at the level of Assistant Professor.
  2. Holding a PhD in Linguistics/Indian Languages/Education, or any related discipline.
  3. Previous experience in Translation from English to the concerned language.
  4. Native speaker of the concerned language with expert level LSRW skills.
  5. Exposure to Language Teaching, Testing and Evaluation concepts/frameworks.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. In routine case, one academician/scholar will be assigned work only in one language pair.
    However, two authors may also express to jointly work in one or maximum two language pairs if they are from different background such as Linguistics and Education. Only people from different academic background are permitted to collaborate.
  2. The selected scholars/translators/academicians have to enter into an official/legal agreement with the National Testing Service-India, Central Institute of Indian Languages.
  3. Assigned work is to be completed within two months (60 days only) from the date of assignment.
  4. The academicians and scholars will themselves be responsible for the typing of the entire glossary. Only the standard Unicode fonts shall be used during typing. Used fonts shall be sent along with the typed manuscript.
  5. Only the translation that will meet our standards will be accepted for publication and only then concerned academicians/scholars will become eligible to receive
    honorarium/editorship, etc.
  6. Contingency amount will only be reimbursed subject to the submission of required tangible materials (dictionaries/glossaries/books, etc.) purchased for the purpose of the completing the assignment, with their original and valid bills to the NTS-I, CIIL.
    Contingency amount cannot be spent for the purpose of photocopies, purchase of pen, pencil, internet facility, or similar consumable stationary materials, etc.
  7. Poor/Delayed work will be outrightly rejected and no communication will be entertained in this regard.
  8. Decision of the experts/competent authorities will be final towards the
    acceptance/rejection of the submitted work.
  9. Any recommended revision will be carried out by the concerned academician(s) without any extra charge within 15 working days.
  10. All rights related to copyrights, authorships, reproduction in any form, sale & display, etc., of the above work/manuscript will remain with the NTS-I/CIIL. Violation of this will lead to strict action against the individual responsible.
  11. The concerned author/scholar/translator will not put the above manuscript in any public domain or reveal its contents to any other agency/individual. Violation of this will lead to strict action against the individual responsible.
  12. Since these publications are produced, published and sold at a very low cost in the interest of the academia and general public, no royalty/money will be payable to any individual at any stage of the publication or afterwards.
  13. Final selection of the interested academicians and scholars will be made by the CIIL. Decision of the NTS-I/CIIL will be final and binding.
  14. Since this is a specialized work, NTS-I/CIIL reserves all rights, from short listing to final selection of the received application, and no communication in this regard will further be entertained.


  1. Faculty members/officers from CIIL and its centers may also apply for the same; however, they will not be entitled to receive any honorarium for the work. Other terms and conditions will remain the same.
  2. Resource Persons/Staff working on contractual mode in various
    Units/Schemes/Centers/Projects (except NTS-I) of CIIL may also apply for the same through proper channel; however, they will not be entitled to receive any honorarium for the work. Other terms and conditions will remain the same.

How to Apply

Procedure: Interested Scholars/ Academicians may fill the requisite form and send the same along with their detailed CV to with a copy to
Subject line: Name of Language Pair ā€“ EOI- for translating Glossary of Evaluation Terms.

Contact: Should you have any query, please contact Dr. Pankaj Dwivedi, Officer In-charge,
NTS-I at 0821-2345018 within officer hours (09AM to 5.30PM)

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