Colloquium on TECHNOLOGY AND SOCIETY: Hierarchies and Contestations

Organizer: Association for Creative Theory & Foundation for Creative Social Research In collaboration with International Herbert Marcuse Society, USA India International Centre, The RAZA Fourdation and Shanti Sahayog

About the Colloquium

  • When: 5th-7th September 2024, New Delhi
  • Call for Papers
  • Abstract Submission deadline: 30th June, 2024
  • Selection intimation: 10-17th July, 2024
  • Full Paper Submission: 20th August, 2024

Concept Note

The 11th Creative Theory Colloquium aims to engage with the ongoing discourse on the pivotal role of technology in driving societal change in the contemporary world. Technological innovation rapidly reshapes societal structures, economic models, and cultural norms, positively and negatively. This conference explores the intricate interplay between technological advancements and their broader impacts on society, comprehensively analysing how these forces coalesce to drive transformation across various domains. Drawing on interdisciplinary approaches, including the history and philosophy of science and technology, economic growth and policy, ethics, and technology management, this conference will elucidate the social forces that influence technological decisions and the spectrum of choices available to society in leveraging technology for sustainable development. Key themes include the crisis of capitalism in the face of rapid technological change, the ethical questions surrounding Al and robotics, the emergent concept of quantum consciousness, and the challenges posed by technological advancements to democratic processes and institutions. A significant focus will be on the class dimension, examining how technological progress can exacerbate or mitigate socioeconomic inequalities and influence hierarchies and discrimination based on caste, class, gender, and language. Understanding the class question is crucial for addressing the broader societal impacts of technology. The discussion will also include the impact of technology on literature, law, and the medical fields, highlighting how these sectors are being transformed and the ethical considerations that arise. This conference aspires to provide a platform for a multifaceted discussion, ensuring that technological advancements contribute positively to social, economic, and cultural progress while addressing hierarchical and contentious issues.

Submit your abstract to one of the following Sub-themes:

  • Philosophy of Technology
  • Al, Peace and War
  • Literature and Technology
  • Surveillance and Liberation
  • Al, Ethics and Religion
  • Democracy and Technology
  • Social Hierarchies and Technology
  • Law and Technology

Submit your abstract by 30th June

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