Conference on Recent Trends in Research: Indian & Foreign Languages

Organize: School of Language, Literature and Culture Studies & Special Centre of Tamil Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University

About the Session

  • When: 29th February – 1st March 2024
  • Mode of Conference: Hybrid
  • Registration and participation in conference is free

Languages of the Conference: English (Examples from Indian/Foreign languages are to be followed with transliteration/ transcription/translation in English)

Concept Note

Young researchers’ conferences are important venues that provide budding researchers and academicians the chance to exhibit their work, share ideas, and collaborate to work together with fellow researchers and colleagues. Between academic training and active involvement in the scientific community, these conferences operate as a link that helps to carry forward interdisciplinary research in multiple areas.

The School of Language, Literature and Culture Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University proposes to organise an International Young Researchers’ Conference on language, literature and culture studies. Human expression and identity are built on the pillars of language, literature, and culture. They influence how we see the world, convey societal ideals, and shed light on the human condition. It is with these focus areas that this Young Researchers’ Conference shall promote young academics to showcase their work, participate in discussions and strenghthen interdisciplinary research.


Young Research Scholars of Ph.D/Post-Doctoral Fellow/early-career faculty members of Indian and Foreign Language, Literature and Culture Studies from Universities/Organisations in India and abroad are invited to participate in the Conference.

Aims and Objectives:

  1. Knowledge Dissemination: Facilitate the dissemination of the current trends in cutting-edge researches in language, literature, and culture studies, emphasizing their relevance in today’s world.
  2. To Promote Emerging Scholars: The conference will create a space for young researchers, postdoctoral fellows, and early-career faculty members, to present their innovative research works.
  3. Interdisciplinary Exchange: This conference will encourage interdisciplinary dialogue by bringing together researchers from various linguistic, literary, and cultural backgrounds.
  4. Fostering Critical Discourse: Encourage critical discussions on topics such as language preservation, literature and identity, cultural diversity, and the intersection of language and technology.
  5. Skill Development: Provide sessions to enhance participants’ research and
    presentation skills, aiding in their academic and professional development.

Broad Themes

  • Language and Identity: Exploring the role of language in shaping personal and group identity in various cultural contexts.
  • Literature and Social Change: Examining how literature reflects and influences societal changes and norms.
  • Cultural Diversity and Inclusion: Analyzing the impact of cultural diversity and the challenges and benefits it brings to communities and societies.
  • Language and Technology: Investigating the relationship between language and technology, including topics such as language preservation and digital communication.
  • Emerging Teaching Methodology: Discussing the futuristic emerging trends in the teaching of language, literature and culture.
  • Translation Techniques: Showcasing the translation techniques from and to Indian and foreign languages.
  • Other related themes

Call for Abstracts:

The abstract (200-250 words) should include the title of the paper; full name; institution; e-
mail, contact number and mailing address in Times New Roman, 12 pt font size and double spacing.

Online Registration: Registration and participation in conference is free. Registration and sending the abstract by 30th November 2023 at Online form

Register Here


Acceptance: The acceptance of the abstracts will be sent by 30th of December 2023.

Organising Committee

Prof. Shoba Sivasankaran (Director)
Prof. R. Thamotharan
Dr. Rajesh Paswan
Dr. Gaurav Kumar
Dr. Mercy V. Guite
Dr. Arihant Kumar Vardhan
Dr. Satyanshu Srivastava
Dr. Sonu Saini

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