Discussion on “Commoning a Discipline: Asian Cultural Studies or Cultural Studies in Asia?”

Organizer: The Department of English and Cultural Studies, Christ University, India and Hong Kong Research Hub, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

About the Webinar

  • When: February 18, 2022
  • Time: 3pm to 5 pm IST
  • Free Registration
  • Platform: Zoom

The roundtable discussion is part of the two-day online conference on “Multiple Decolonialities and the Making of Asian Commons” on February 11 and February 18, 2022. This roundtable is an attempt to review and explore the discipline of cultural studies for the actualization of “Asian Commons”.

In other words, we ask in what ways cultural studies is currently structured in Asia disciplinarily, institutionally, and geographically, and how it needs to be reconfigured in order to fulfil the promise of “Asian Commons.” While the disciplinary practices in Western academia still function as a model for how cultural studies is researched and taught in the rest of the world, albeit with some local adjustment, the heterogeneity in Asia also implies that the political, institutional, and disciplinary imperatives have shaped the discipline in very specific ways, to the extent that each invocation of “Cultural Studies” may refer to a distinct epistemological object. This raises the question if an Asian Cultural Studies in distinction to Cultural Studies can be thought of in any meaningful way.

As part of the “Asian Common” project, this roundtable intends to discuss the possibility of an Asian Cultural Studies and its limitations. In a sense, this roundtable is an attempt at translations between many practices in Asia under the disciplinary nomenclature of Cultural Studies.

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