Eight Day Online FDP on Research, Publication and Patent in Humanities and Sciences

Organizer: Faculty of Engineering and Technology, Department of English and Other Foreign Languages, SRM Institute of Science and Technology, Ramapuram Campus,. Chennai

About the FDP

  • When: 22 to 30 August 2022
  • Free Registration
  • For Faculty and Research Scholars
  • E-certificates will be given to all active participants

Topics and Timings

Day 1 – 22 Aug 6.00 pm (IST): Writing and Publishing a Research Paper
Day 2 – 23 Aug 6.00 pm (IST): Writing Abstract and Review of Literature
Day 3 – 24 Aug 6.00 pm (IST): Impact of Publication and Patent in Academics and Research
Day 4 – 25 Aug 6.00 pm (IST): Introduction to Research Methods and Methodologies
Day 5 – 26 Aug 6.00 pm (IST): Ethics in Research and Plagiarism
Day 6 – 27 Aug 7.00 pm (IST): Patent and Copyright: An Overview of Intellectual Property
Day 7 – 29 Aug 6.00 pm (IST): Research Writing, Publishing and Academic Honesty
Day 8 – 30 Aug 6.00 pm (IST): Plagiarism: Detection, Removal Tools and Techniques

There will not be any session on Sunday (28.08.2022).

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All communication will be only through these groups:

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Dr. V. Rema

Professor & Head
Dr. S. Savitha (9994023163)
Dr. K. Nagamani (9597827777)
Dr. Walter Hugh Parker (9952460539)

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