FDP on Enabling the Professional Development of Faculty on IR 4.0 Technology (AI/ML)

Organizer: Ramco Institute of Technology, Rajapalayam- Microsoft and SAP CSR Supported Techsaksham- through Edunet Foundation, India

About the FDP

  • When: 24-29 January 2022
  • Duration: 200 hours of learning
  • Locations: Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Delhi-NCR, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu

Tech Saksham Program (TSP) is a top-up program that uses experiential learning to develop employability skills amongst underserved female students pursuing higher education in sciences, computer applications, vocational areas, and engineering, by imparting critical skills that are required to secure jobs in the market.

The program follows a two-tiered delivery model with the core program engagement focused on learning and acquiring skills to understand application of technology by the students, followed by an activity led modular engagement delivered over a year to practice and implement skills under mentorship of Industry experts to ensure job-readiness of the students. It will include activities like technology bootcamps; interactions with Industry experts for knowledge sharing and career guidance; and opportunities for collaboration with peers for hands-on projects etc.

The technology areas include Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing & Web-Design and Digital Marketing. This program will be delivered in blended mode – which combines onsite instructor led training with online learning, hands-on sessions, and mentoring. Students who successfully complete the program will receive course completion certificates and placement/internship assistance.

The main goal of the program is to progress women learners from degree completion to employment by (1) leveraging and expanding – experientially – their pre-existing knowledge of the curriculum that they have already gone through as a part of their existing programs (2) developing career readiness or employability skills.

TSP curriculum helps build technical and project skills in participants so that they can be successful in the workplace. Students would, most probably, not have studied this content during their undergraduate curriculum. These areas will be addressed via lectures, hands-on sessions, assignments, learning activities, and a project.

This program consists of core  technical  training content of around 80 hours to be delivered in instructor led sessions over a course of 16 weeks as per participating institution’s choice. The total duration of this program is around 200 hours to be run over the course of two semesters and it contains of about  24 weeks of learning activities. The program is broken into discrete modules, where each module has its own objectives and learning activities.  

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Event Coordinators

Dr.M.Gomathy Nayagam, ASCP/CSE

Mrs.N.Nithya, AP/CSE

Mr.S.Valai Ganesh, AP/MECH

Contact: 9965672393, 9894986022, 9043489697

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