Five Day FDP on Designing, Developing, and Delivering Online/Blended Learning Courses

Organizer: NLU Tripura,in collaboration with the National Institute of Educational Planning and Administration, Ministry of Education, Government of India

  • When: 13-17 December 2023
  • Free Registration
  • Limited Seats are available

Participants are invited from across the country. The FDP is open only to the full-time Law Teachers, teaching in any law college or the university and not the visiting or part-time or guest law teachers. 

Format of the FDP: The first three-days of the FDP will be held in an Offline Mode and last two days in an online mode.

Register Here

  • Candidates outside Agartala will be provided with lodging and boarding (accommodation and food) for five days w.e.f. Dec. 13-17 (the first and the last days inclusive, but not beyond five days)
  • Candidates from Agartala will not be offered lodging and boarding. This shall be exclusively offered to out-station candidates
  • Out-station candidates shall bear their own cost of travel (to and fro) to Agartala
  • Applications are invited on a first-come-first basis. Once the seats are filled, the Google Application form will be closed from accepting more applications


Nodal Officer: Prof. (Dr.) Nachiketa Mittal, Registrar, NLU Tripura

Email: Mobile: +91-78734-75690 (Calling and WhatsApp)

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