About the Session

  • When: 28-12-2022 to 27-01-2023
  • Time: 07:00 PM to 07:45 PM IST
  • Free Registration
  • Platform: YouTube
  • E-Certificate shall be provided to the participants based on attendance.

The Objective of this Webinar Series is to facilitate the participants to get cognizance of the concepts dealt with for substantial utilization of the same into studying, teaching, Research work, and Upgrading.

Prerequisite : Career Interest on IT Domain

Day and Topics

  • Day-01 Web Development & Industry Requirements / Applications
  • Day-02 Introduction of React Js
  • Day-03 React Js- Overview And Software Installation
  • Day-04  How To Create The React Project
  • Day-05 Folder Structure Explanation And Simple Hello World App
  • Day-06 Components And Functional, Class Component
  • Day-07 Hooks And JSX
  • Day-08 Props and State
  • Day-09 Event Handling, Methods and List
  • Day-10 Styling and Css Elements
  • Day-11 Forms Handling
  • Day-12 Login Form and Registration Page
  • Day-13 Reactdom, Reactdomelement and Api Key
  • Day-14 Http Get and Http Post
  • Day-15 Api Sample Project Demo
  • Day-16 Frond End Project Demo
  • Day-17 Back End Explanation And Sever Side Explanation
  • Day-18 Introduction About Php
  • Day-19 Laravel Framework
  • Day-20 Laravel Installation And Project Folder Creation
  • Day-21 Database Management System
  • Day-22 Xampp Installation And Connection
  • Day-23 Real-Time Chat Application
  • Day-24 Quiz Web Application
  • Day-25 Weather Application
  • Day-26 Calculator App Building
  • Day-27 Tour Web Application
  • Day-28 E Store Book Management System
  • Day-29 Online Resume Builder Application
  • Day-30 Plant Management System

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Course Contains

  • Web Development Applications
  • React Js
  • DOM
  • Api & Integration
  • Frond End & Back End
  • Laravel Framework

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