Free Online Course on SEL for Youth Waging Peace

About the Course

This course equips youth with social, emotional and critical thinking skills to tackle challenging situations, and guides the educators on how to help youth become resilient future leaders.

Course Objectives

  • PVE aims to strike at the root causes of violent extremism with the goal of finding peaceful, inclusive, sustainable solutions.

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) defines Prevention of Violent Extremism (PVE) as addressing the root causes (of violent extremism) with the aim of finding peaceful, inclusive, sustainable solutions.

This course aims to address this with a special focus on the role of education in addressing two interlinked challenges:

  • The rise of extremist ideologies that can lead to violent extremism using a development and peacebuilding approach firmly grounded in social emotional learning and human rights principle.
  • The need to build and sustain increasingly diverse and multi-cultural societies, which requires attention to institutions, communities and individual resilience and promotion of empathy, mindfulness, compassion, critical inquiry for a just and peaceful world.

Course Details

SEL for #YouthWagingPeace course is a powerful online course designed specifically for youth (18+) to learn how to use social and emotional learning for the prevention of violent extremism.

Aimed at youth peacebuilders, this course will help in cultivating critical social-emotional competencies, develop systems-informed interventions to prevent violent extremism, and work towards building sustainable peace in their immediate communities.

  • The online, self-directed course uses narrative format for scenario-based learning (graphic novel look-and-feel) to engage learners with the course content and provides them the opportunity to arrive at their own insights by exploring the story and the topics along with a fictional character, Kalamfariku, and the experiences and viewpoints of 4 characters from the story, Amum, Wondoo, Kimsha, and Magrub.
  • The course takes approximately 16-20 hours to complete and learners receive a certificate issued by UNESCO MGIEP.

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