Free Quiz With E Certificate on Constitution Day

Organizer: Noverse Foundation

About the Quiz

  • There are 20 questions which are based on India’s Constitution and it’s related affairs.
  • Fill your details carefully and read the instructions given in the form.
  • If you have scored more than 60% then you will receive an e-certificate of appreciation to your registered email id.
  • 100 certificates will be generated in one day. So, first come and first basis.
  • You have to attend all the questions. (Compulsion)
  • The form is active till December 2022-4th December 2022 (11:55 PM)
  • Read the instructions carefully which is given in the Google form.

For the first 3 winners, you will receive special goodies which will be announced.

Winners will be selected on the basis of the submission of the form and the accuracy gained while attempting the e-quiz.

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