Free RTI Certificate Programme With E Certificate

Organizer: Institute for Management in Government (IMG), Government of Kerala

About the Certificate Course

  • Duration: Two weeks- offered in English and Malayalam
  • The last date is 18th August 2023
  • Commencement of the Course: 20th August 2023
  • The programme is totally free of cost

General Instructions

  • The participants for the programme are solicited through press release. Any citizen above 16 years of age can apply and register for the same.
  • Participants are required to enter their name and particulars without any error.
  • All applicants are selected and on selection are assigned with a course slot. The programme duration is two weeks.
  • Participants are required to take the course on RTI (English/Malayalam) with eight modules.
  • Participants can check your progress after each module.
  • There will be an objective test comprising of 40 questions at the end of eighth module. In order to get certified 50% of the questions attempted should be correct.
  • Those who do not succeed in the first attempt will be provided two more attempts.
  • On successful completion of the eight modules, they will be provided an online course certificate which could be downloaded.
  • Participants could use all resources like FAQ, ask an expert and access uploaded material.
  • The certificate programme is not aimed as an academic exercise. This program is intended more to improve the civic consciousness of the public.
  • There will be interaction with the resource person or administrator through online means.

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