Free Webinar on Analysis, Design and Testing of Towers

Organizer: Department of Civil Engineering, NITTE MEENAKSHI INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, Govindapura Gollahalli, P8 No: 6429, Yelahanka: Bengaluru 560064 Karnataka

About the Webinar

  • When: 30th September 2022
  • Time: 9:30 AM to 1:00 PM IST
  • Free Registration

Background to the Webinar

The webinar on “Analysis, Design and Testing of Towers”  is planned in support of PG second semester Course – Advanced Design of Steel Structures”  under NMIT, PG Structural Engineering Program, to provide the participants the latest knowledge available with regard to the aspects of analysis, design and testing of towers. 

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About Towers  – Towers and tower-like structures are the pillars for transmission of power and communication. Sustained industrial throughput and the wellbeing of vital sectors of the national economy depend enormously on the safe and reliable availability of power and communication lines.  Towers may be of different types, such as lighting towers, power transmission towers, observation towers, towers for radar and TV installation, telephone relay towers, windmill towers etc.  Towers may be self-supporting or cable-stayed.  Most towers are made of steel angles or tubes, which are bolted at site. Analysis, design and testing of towers, tower like structures and their components have been one of the challenging areas to the engineers across the world.  


Dr G. Raghava, Professor, Department of Civil Engineering, Nitte Meenakshi Institute of Technology, Yelahanka, Bengaluru – 560064 & Former Chief Scientist & Head, Fatigue & Fracture Laboratory, CSIR – Structural Engineering Research Centre, Chennai – 600113 &PG Structural Engineering Professors Team & HoD, NMIT, Bangalore

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