Free Webinar on Design of Experiments and their Use for International Experiment

Organizer: CREI (powered by Capabl India)

  • When: 6th March, 2024 | 6:30 PM (IST)
  • Free Registration

Meet the Professor of Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, MIT, USA: Prof. Dan Frey

Hear about how to design the experiments to maximize improvements, determine the appropriate size of the experiment, and decide if the magnitude of improvements offsets the cost of the experiment.

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About CREI

  • CREI is an informal organization dedicated to promoting the rebirth of engineering in India.
  • The organization involves business and industry, public policy, technology, academia, and civil society.
  • Membership requires providing basic personal information and constructive participation towards achieving the organization’s goals.
  • Members participate in periodic internet-based seminars to share ideas, attempts, and results of rejuvenating engineering in India.
  • The organization plans to add more activities and create groups to facilitate engineering innovation and leadership in India.

Professors, Industrialists, and folks from across the wold and top institutions have joined together to revolutionize engineering education in India starting with Open Dialogue and best practices.

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