Free Webinar on GREEN ENERGY SOURCES FOR EV – Lithium Vs Hydrogen

Organizer: PRAGYATMIKA, India.

About the Webinar

  • When: 3rd September 2022 .SATURDAY
  • Time : 04:00 PM – 05:30 PM IST (GMT+5.30 Hrs.)
  • Free Registration
  • Platform: Zoom

lectric Power is undoubtedly the future of Automotive. The source and repository of said electric power for the future has the house divided. While battery-powered electric vehicles (BEVs) have managed to gain considerable momentum in most parts of the world, it’s hydrogen fuel cell electrics (FCEVs) that, appear to be the most sustainable form of mobility. 

FCEVs are not to be confused with Hydrogen Combustion Cars which used Hydrogen as the agent for propulsion. With an FCEV and BEV, the source of power continued to be electricity. There is also a lot of opportunity is in GREEN Hydrogen as fuel which can be extracted from the natural available resources.

There are lots of buzz going around for the alternative and future replacements of Li Ion Cell Technology. Let’s Join the Webinar to discuss and explore the opportunities of Green Energy Sources as Lithium Versus Hydrogen and their applicability for future E – Powertrain.

Guest Of Honor: Dr. P. Ramarao, PADMASHRI, Pro- Chancellor, SVYASA , Bengaluru and Ex- Chief Controller & Sr. Scientist, DRDO , Ministry of Defense, GOI

Prof. A.N. Pandey , Rtd. Scientist , Bhabha Atomic Research Centre Facility, Kalpakkam, DAE, Govt. of India.

Webinar Speaker: Amit K Choudhary, Head, Technology & Training, PRAGYATMIKA, India.

Agenda of Webinar

  • Lithium Cell Technology for E-Powertrain
  • Hydrogen FCEVs for E-Powertrain
  • Hydrogen FCEVs as Technology Disruptions
  • The Sources and Availability in Geographical Regions
  • Green Hydrogen as Fuel for Vehicles
  • Wide applications of Hydrogen as Source of Energy
  • Future of Automotive E-Powertrain for Hydrogen Fuel
  • Comparison and Opportunities in Lithium Vs Hydrogen

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