International Conference on Transnational Feminism: Explorations, Communications,
Challenges and Horizons

Organizer: English Department, Schools of Linguistics & Translation-BUC; School of Translation and Interpretation, University of Ottawa, Canada; Department of English, Cairo University

About the Conference

  • When: October 28-29, 2023
  • Venue: Badr University in Cairo, Egypt
  • Registration Fee Needed

Feminist translation and communications have experienced unprecedented growth in the last decade, both as theoretical areas of research within translation/ communication studies and as
emancipatory activities carried out by practitioners and feminist activists. This growth can be seen in the increasing number of publications, academic dissertations, research projects, conferences and events that have discussed feminist translation/ communication theories and practices around the world. It is also visible in developing practices of transnational communications that are a crucial tool to enable cross-border alliances and challenge prevailing hegemonies.
The conference seeks to assemble academic work on feminist transnational translation/communication across a wide range of languages and genres and engage with the growth of the field as a necessary activist practice of resistance and social change.

Paper proposals on any of the following or related topics are most welcome:

  • Feminism and transnational communication
  • Transnational feminist translation and communication
  • Feminist directions in the politics of translation in developing countries
  • Feminist directions in international development and global policies about women.
  • Feminist directions and women in health and medicine.
  • Feminist directions and entrepreneurship.
  • Feminist directions and women’s issues in international organizations (e.g. the UN and WHO, etc.)
  • Feminist directions and women in the media.
  • Feminist directions in the humanities and social sciences.
  • Feminism and the environment.
  • Related topics.


By May 1, 2023, please submit 250-word abstracts and proposals to Visit Here

Nehad Mansour at
Luise von Flotow at
Hala Kamal at

Responses to proposals: by June 15, 2023.
Conference date and place: October 28/29, 2023 at Badr University, Cairo.


Some travel funding is available for academics from Asia, Africa and South America.

Conference fees:

  • Egyptians: 1500 EGP in case of accepted paper for publishing
  • Non-Egyptians: 50 US Dollars
  • 50% discount for participants from universities that have agreements/ partnership with Badr University in Cairo.

Conference Proceedings:

Accepted full-text papers of the Conference will be peer-reviewed and published in the Special Journal Issue of Transcultural Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences (TJHSS). The Journal has a valid ISSN number and local impact score 7.

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