Lecture on Comparative Literature, Writing, and Translation: Some Thoughts

Organizer: Department of Philosophy
University of Hyderabad

About the Session

  • When: Nov -24, 3:00 P.M.
  • Hybrid Mode
  • Online Platform: Google Meet
  • Venue: Seminar hall, Dept. of Philosophy
  • Free Registration

Session by Prof. Sowmya Dechamma C.C.
Centre for Comparitive Literature , University of Hyderabad


This talk (like others in the series) will not attempt to chart out what the discipline
and its methodology are, in this case, Comparative Literature. The attempt is to
explore how Comparative Literature, in its long history as a discipline, has been
premised on multilingual contexts, on language and literary histories and on translation for its production of knowledge. The discipline has thus far largely relied on histories of language-literatures that have had a written record, the focus being on
‘writing’ as the primary text used for analysis, ‘writing’ as the reliable evidence — a methodology that has often gone unquestioned even as critiques of positivist empiricism have become commonplace. How has ‘writing’ been central in these processes? How can we rethink the categories of multilingualism and literary history? And how can translation be understood as crucial to the discipline (and not writing) – is what I am interested in.

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