MOOC on Understanding Neurodiversity

Organizer: Netaji Subhas Open University & Commonwealth Educational Media Centre for Asia CEMCA

About the Course

  • Course Duration: Five-week, requiring approximately 4 hours per week.
  • Level: Introductory Language: English
  • Prerequisites: None Course Outline

Course fees:

Admission fees – Rs. 500/- + GST (Payable at the time of admission) Assessment fees – Rs. 500/- (Payable before assessment)


Certificate of Completion requires 70% in final assessment/quizzes, participation in at least discussion forums, Certificate will be issued by the Netaji Subhas Commonwealth Educational Media Centre for Asia.

To secure the right to education of every child, Academic Institutions are required to identify and ac- commodate neuro-divergent children and young people along with neuro-typical learners. The inclusi- on and equal participation of all children/youth within the schooling/academic system has been accor- ded the highest priority in the Government of India’s National Education Policy 2020. There is a critical need to provide increased awareness, knowledge and training regarding teaching students with neuro- logical differences. To address this need, CEMCA and NSOU have jointly developed a MOOC on ‘Understanding Neurodiversity’.

Course Objectives:

  • To impart knowledge on concepts of neurodiversity
  • To create sensitive processes and essentials for neuro- divergent people.
  • To understand and connect to neurodiverse learners.
  • To increase awareness about neurodiversity and implement inclusive education practices.
  • To sensitize good practices for supporting neuro- divergent people and celebrating neurodiversity This Course is for Teacher Educators & Professionals.
  • Module-1 Concept of Neurodiversity
  • Module-2 Specific Learning Difficulties (SpLD), Part 1)
  • Module-3 Specific Learning Difficulties (SpLD), Part 2
  • Module-4 Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
  • Module-5 Neurodiversity and Inclusion: Good Practices

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Course Coordinator: Professor Anirban Ghosh Director, CIQA, NSOU E-mail: unirban

Course Facilitators

Manobina Chakraborty, Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts (London) Inclusive Education Consultant. Founder, for inclusion,

Papiya Upadhyay, Ph.D Asst. Professor of Education Netaji Subhas Open University

Kavita Sharma, Special Educator, Founder Director, PRAYAS, Founder Member, Autism Society of India Governing body member-The Serrendip

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