National Conference on Education for Governance, Development and Leadership

Organizer: Kannur University, Institute of Public Policy and Leadership (IPPL-KILA), Kerala

About the Conference

  • When: 12-13 May 2023
  • Venue: Cherussery Auditorium, Kannur University, Thavakara
  • Call for Papers


  • Faculty members of University Depts, Colleges
  • Ph.D scholars / M.Phil Students
  • Post Graduate Students

Academic Sessions

  • Key speakers : One expert for each session
  • Five papers from each theme
  • Abstract Submission : April 25, 2023 (200 to 250 words)
  • Submission of final Paper: May 05, 2023 (3000 to 4000 words)

    The role and function of education in a society is determined by the aims, objectives, needs and nature of that society. In another way, it can be said that education is the perfect tool to achieve the aim of the society. Development refers to growth or positive change. What comes very crucial to that is acquiring
    knowledge and skills to support development. Thus, education is a significant factor that complements and drives development at every level. Achieving development is also related to governance, which involves the modalities of design, operation, production, regulation, control, and evaluation. Finally, it all leads to the development of leadership. Education, thus has to play a major role in Development, Governance and Leadership.

    In this context Kannur University and IPPL-KILA are jointly organising a Two-day National Conference on “Education for Governance, Development and Leadership” on 12th and 13th May 2023. The conference is expected to discuss various themes and sub themes based on the Education for Development, Education for Governance and Education for Leadership.

    Themes and sub themes

    Education for Development

    • Holistic Education
    • Digital Transformation
    • Teaching, Flipping Classroom, MOOCs, Gamification
    • Multidisciplinary Perspectives
    • Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
    • Reimagining Education Policy and Practices
    • Equitable and Inclusive Education

    Education for Governance

    • Local Governance & Good Governance
    • Gender Budgeting & Auditing
    • ICT Application for Local Governance
    • Financial Decentralisation
    • Climate Change Mitigation and Environmental Protection
    • Public Projects and Financial Management

    Education for Leadership

    • Leadership Education for Political Futures
    • Leadership Education for Sustainable Development
    • Gender Equality in Political Participation
    • Youth and Leadership
    • Marginalised Communities in Political Leadership

    Guidelines for Paper Submission

    • The paper has to be typed in Times New Roman, font size 12 and 1.5 line spacing, (only in English)
    • The paper should be a Word file with A4 size paper, 1-inch margin on all the four sides.
    • Abstract should not exceed 300 words, (250-300 words).
    • The paper should not exceed 5000 words, (Maximum 10 pages).
    • The cover page of the manuscript must contain the title of the paper, author’s details, contact number, e-mail address and acknowledgements, if any.
    • The list of references should include only the work that has actually been cited by the authors.
    • All authors are requested to submit the declaration regarding the originality of the paper.
    • Papers should not be published anywhere earlier.
    • A self-check certificate of plagiarism will be highly appreciated.
    • Acceptable level of plagiarism is below 10 percentage.
    • References should be in APA format.
    • The review process usually takes about 10 days after which information regarding acceptance of the manuscript for publication in the book shall be communicated by the editor to the contributor through e-mail only. Correspondence and proof for correction will be sent to the first author unless otherwise indicated.
    • Publisher/ Editor(s) reserve the right of making editorial amendments in the final draft of the manuscript to make it suitable for publication in the book.

    The full paper with abstract may be e-mailed to:


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    Helpdesk Phone: +91 – 487 – 2455000

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